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Let’s Test Out Funko’s New Video Game! (Funko Pop Blitz)

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Today Funko has come out with a brand new game called Funko Pop Blitz! Lets try it out and unbox some virtual pops!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I played that few months ago, however they discontinued it. Oh now it’s back??!

  2. I like Pops but this game isn't interesting to me…

  3. I just started when I saw this video the first mystery pop was the T. rex from Jurassic park

  4. me: is that a supreme hat!?

    top pops: me rich😎

  5. I saw you at the outlet mall today at hot topic I don’t think you remember me but I tried to get a phone but you went in before i could ask I hoping to see you there to actually get a photo to

  6. This is literally an exact copy of the Disney emoji blitz game

  7. I just got Funko's new game today as well as beachhead and Dum Dums Drum man

  8. You can get the new nycc pops on the internet tonight!

  9. Funko should have stayed away from these "micro" transaction games. Pay to win scam lotto games.

  10. Seeing how, your not a fan of venomized pops. Swing me your magneto one.

  11. Just downloaded it,! Best game in my opinion

  12. Me looking at Disney emoji blitz the funko pop blitz
    Oh yeah funko blitz is clear a ripoff

  13. I could make a fnaf meme out of this making fun of the millions of freddies

  14. It looks like Disney Emoji Blitz with a new skin. Not a bad thing, mind, because that game is pretty fun.

  15. I downloaded it day i seen it on Facebook. It's not too bad I admit

  16. Woo i knew i wasn't the only one playing

  17. Who else immediately installed the game after watching this🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. This game is awesome too bad it’s not visually impaired friendly it’s hard to make the matches but I just go nuts LOL and see what I end up getting great video!💚💙💚💙

  19. It would be cooler if funko made an adventure game

  20. Curse you man, I'm hooked to the game because of you

  21. who else just randomly found top pops and wached him ever since

  22. Top Pops is great! I have been watching him since he was at 40k subscribers. I haven’t been subscribed the whole time because most of the time I didn’t have an account and when I did get one I thought I was subscribed but I wasn’t.

  23. Everyone comment which is your Favorite funko pop

  24. Can anyone give me a list of the 43 pops that were listed in the collection when the app first launched?

  25. So dumb question. What is so important about the stickers we can get for each pop? Do they make your pop more powerful?

  26. When I download the app on my phone, it keeps on crashing. Hard pass for me

  27. When you spin the wheel and you get the freddy funko head as the prize, what does that mean it's driving me mad! I win loads but no idea what they do lol

  28. Fun fact if you slide the crow on a bomb and rocket maybe a crown it multiplies

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