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Let’s Test Out Funko’s New Video Game! (Funko Pop Blitz)

Top Pops
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Today Funko has come out with a brand new game called Funko Pop Blitz! Lets try it out and unbox some virtual pops!

Hope you enjoy!

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  2. I wish you could scan your Funko pops and play them in the game

  3. Me: see title of vid

    also me: frantically opens up phone

  4. I am a noob for this game yet i have the T-Rex

  5. Oh it’s a candy crush clone….I like Funko, but not candy crush and a gacha game as well….I’ll pass…my money is tight as is….

  6. Hiiii I love your vids !!!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. ironically i was playing this right when i got the noti

  8. Hey Top pops you should put all of the new NYCC pops in your Wall of pops in the background!

  9. Wow, you need to start a Funko pop Blitz series, it's super entertaining!

  10. To all the person who have Dr.Ian Malcolm … YOU’RE POGGERS

  11. I think most games start the same way. I found out you always start with the chance to make 5 in a tow on the bottom right, then an L bottom center (so the bomb lands next to the crown), and a 4 in a row where the rocket lands one space above the crown.

  12. Im gonna upload this for suree ! Its fantastic ! It has so many cool characters and the graphics look great ! Also i love the way y explain every kind of video , and also the content , keep it up Trist !

  13. Great vid as always 👍👍👍. Glad you give us a break from NYCC. Please stay safe and keep collecting (gaming).🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿😷😁👍

  14. It’s kinda like funko pop candy crush in a way.

  15. Thought it was going to be some other game but damn it’s another match three

  16. I can see kids emptying their parents bank accounts to get virtual pops. Sad!

  17. My dads friend made it. He also made club penguin

  18. Here’s a huge tip, the last row on the right, you usually can get 5 in a row to get the crown in the 1st turn. Also combine the crown with the bomb or missile and it spawns a couple around the map, really helps for the event we have right now

  19. Hey top pops
    I was able to get dum dums drum man, pizza rat and the sponge bob pops from nycc this year

  20. I unlocked almost all the pops in my collection in funko pop blitz

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