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lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to

Lofi Girl
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  1. She studied for 20800 hours she’d better pass

  2. May we see her continue her studies soon, we eagerly await her return.

  3. Looks like she's ready to study for her finals good luck lofi girl

  4. (GLITCH) This video is 20,000 hours long, because it is a live stream. 20843:43:51. How??

  5. Después de 2 años termino

  6. Gracias a ti me gradúe de la universidad

  7. Hello, Lofi girl wake up, I don't like this, LOFI GIRL WAKE UUUUUUPPPPP!! Hello?!!

  8. it’s gone… just because of false copyright strikes!! AAAAA

  9. Guys chill she just went out to take the test she’s been studying for. She probably gonna have to study for her next test soon.

  10. Al fin termino de estudiar, ahora va a rendir y se saca un 3

  11. Fua, nunca creí que viviría lo suficiente para ver que cortaran la transmisión en vivo😮, espero que vuelva pronto pa seguir teniendo buena música pa las tareas

  12. Nunca llegué a escucharla es increíble esto merece el Guinness record

  13. What a journey. I just graduated a few months ago, but this got me thru some of my toughest courses in college.

  14. Por fin termino, no miento ojala le vaya bien en el examen


  16. Wow après de nombreuses années pour arrêter la radio fi m’a aidé dans mes années les plus difficiles car comme dans la pandémie, j’ai eu la dépression m’a trop aidé à arrêter de penser et à pouvoir me détendre
    J’apprécie ces heures de mon temps où j’entends cela j’espère et bientôt je reviendrai pour entendre continuer À l’écoute de ces chefs-d’œuvre
    C’est tout pour l’instant

  17. It's finally over. She can finally do the test she's been studying for.

  18. Volta Lofi, Volta! Ainda não encontrei o amor da minha vida que mora do outro lado do mundo, (brincadeiras a parte). Dois anos aqui, conheci muitas pessoas, tive momentos incríveis durante esses dois anos, foi isso que me ajudou na pandemia. Toda minha gratidão à esse canal. Espero que volte, ainda tem muitas pessoas que precisam conhecer esse canal incrível. 🚬

  19. I would like to say, THANK YOU!

    This stream has got me through so much, from heart break to stress to depression. It’s crazy how one single stream could help me get through life. Thank you LoFi Girl ❤️

  20. I saw this on twitter and couldn't believe it's real. Like over 20 000 hours?! This is fucking insane.

  21. ONE stream going on for almost 2 AND A HALF YEARS is fucking INSANE.

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