Making a Pop It Ball! | Mrs. Bench #fidgettoys -

Making a Pop It Ball! | Mrs. Bench #fidgettoys

Mrs. Bench
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  1. Is that rubber something because it looks like Tangled Rossum of hot rubber

  2. I just bought a pop it ball, but the air is almost completely gone and ive had it for 2 days
    Edit: how do i refill the air? Any tips 🧐

  3. i don't have a machine to make one i always wanted one 🙁

  4. What can I do for some free fidgets from you because like I’ve got barely any

  5. One night i managed to push 6 of these deep within my anus.

  6. You are the best 💕 tick tock teacher

  7. I just liked the video cause i liked the music lol

  8. plssssss kan you get me 10 pls I am surrigo pls calanipa pokame da Name of da HOUSE is
    koding HOUSENG plsssss🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Mrs. Bench I really love your videos I wish that you can send me some pictures on my name's Natalie but with the D

  10. The Minecraft dirt mining sounds at the start of bfdia 5e😂

  11. At the start it looked like candy🤤

  12. I already have these 3d popits and i like it

  13. And they ain’t even that satisfying 😭😭😭

  14. I had mine in my hands we'll watching this lol I got it from the store yesterday

  15. One of those that are orange and yellow

  16. The song 😂 I am gonna make 1000 now BTW😊

  17. Jfur good sffhgdjdbgfggd he brhfgrg go hdv❤bd oh fvdivd jn d djdvdjd💗❤️😻🌹🥰👍🙏🎉hfhsvfhbfhvdhwbsuwbfjebjfbdufurhfur. Ufvdhfvdh fiehit❤❤❤

  18. One day my dad gave me and my sister a popit ball AND I WAS OBSESSED W MINE😭💖then one of my sis’s friends birthday was coming up and she couldnt but anything cuz she was lazy💀soo the next day i was just watching her give the gifts to the friend😌AND THEN I SAW HER GIVING MY POPIT BALL TO HER🤧i was rlly mad at her😭she told “OmG cHiLL💩iT wAs bOriNg aNywAyss🤷‍♀️” THEN WHY DIDNT U GIVE YOURS HUH?😤😤BUTT YEA I WAS RLLY UPSET😭✋

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