Mariners vs. Angels Game Highlights (6/10/23) | MLB Highlights -

Mariners vs. Angels Game Highlights (6/10/23) | MLB Highlights

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Mariners vs. Angels full game highlights from 6/10/23

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  1. Everybody say it…. Robo umps. Robo umps. Robo umps

  2. There’s no reason why there should still be this many blown calls my senile old men in 2023

  3. ドルウリー、レンフローをメンバーから外して下さい。

  4. Bryan Woo has earned my respect. Gets thrown to the wolves in his debut and has as expected a bad game against a red hot Rangers team, then in his second outing has to face Othani and Trout yet he is able to bounce back and deliver a solid game.

  5. The mic picking up the plate sounds is fantastic. Better than others I've heard.

  6. Good game, what a game, umpire vs Angels, nice game umps.😢😢😢

  7. Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels with the turnaround lost over Teoscar Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners, Shohei Ohtani looks unstoppable in his 18th home run of the season ⚾🔵🟢⚓

  8. What's shohei ohtani problem is he start throwing the cutter remember they were swinging at it and it would just drop off into the dirt why did he stop throwing this pitch

  9. i'm by no means an angels fan. matter of fact, i believe that their w.s. win in '02 was one of those fluke things. having said that i can understand phil nevin's eruption over this umpire ringing up ohtani on what looks like a pitch clearly wide of the strike zone at such a pivotal moment. to make matters worse, that home plate ump continued to call similar pitches correctly as balls through the remainder of the game. electronically monitored strike zone here we come

  10. Just as the NFL did, it is time to take the outcome of games away from Umpires and integrate instant replay into the MLB for critical Balls and Strikes. Much like Body-Cams on Cops, it helps with keeping things honest. Too many bad calls for too long now. They allow it for everything else in the game but not the most important, its time.

  11. This is one of the only times I’ve seen Ohtani show a partly negative emotion and he was right for it due to the situation

  12. I don’t believe he caught the ball in left field. I think he trapped it.

  13. I'm a Blue Jays fan but I absolutely have to ask who the heck is paying that disguting excuse for an umpire behind the plate? Absolutely ridculous.

  14. It was a good win for the M's with good timely hitting and some solid pitching. The announcers were funny.

    That wasn't off the plate. That went through the strike zone. Phil Nevin imitated Lou Piniella. That was not even close.

  15. So many games heavily influenced by bad calls from the umpires it’s just sad and makes it hard to watch the sport

  16. 심판새끼가 미쳤네 결정적일때…

  17. MLB should have the "challenge" system for the umpire decision

  18. MLB = Males Licking Ballz. The boycott is coming you Devil lovers

  19. The Seattle Mariners are 31-32🔵🟢⚪️⚓️⛴

  20. It’s scripted and fake it’s all to do with business WAKE UP

  21. The Angels need a good pithcer. Ohtani and Trout are amazing, the rest … not so much.

  22. 4:40 did anyone else see Geno on the big screen on the show "The Office!!!"😂😂😊

  23. You gotta love Big Phil Nevin fighting for his players. I remember his playing days when Randy Johnson threw at Phil and Phil looked at him and said 'if you ever throw at me again I'll stomp a mudhole in you and walk it dry.' Johnson never threw at Phil after that!

  24. Lord knows we god rob in this game. Shohei hits a home run off the plate, then all of a sudden he gets called out in a 3-2 pitch off plate while mike trout ins in deck at bat is highly suspect with the intensity of the game. Only Phil Nevin is the man with the master plan to stick out for shohei ohtani. Mad props to Phil!!! The science guy ❤I love you mike trout.

  25. This year’s umpires are proving themselves to be a JOKE🤬

  26. ALL human talents come from God.That's why there is a Mike Trout and Ohtani. Trout proves it in CF but needs to stop competing with Shohei, Mike, just be Mike Trout, it more than enough for us fans on every continent on God's earth.

  27. I can’t wait till they replace these damn umps. Them and their hurt egos can’t do what their paid to do right.

  28. same pitch twice in the exact same location. Wow.

  29. The pitch to ohtani wasn’t as far off the plate as the angels announcers made it out to be. Plus that’s a little karma for the angels. 4 years ago when they played the dodgers at dodger stadium twice a pitch to Cody Bellinger that was way off the plate were called strikes! Now the angels know how it feels!

  30. Why can’t they allow challenges like Tennis? Tennis uses robots, linesmen, there’s a physical line, and they’re still allowed challenges.

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