Mars Pop - Game Trailer -

Mars Pop – Game Trailer

Mars Pop
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The game is on. Challenge your friends and opponents from all around the world in this mind-blowing live, multiplayer bubble shooter. Prove your bubble supremacy. Embark on a Nostalgic Journey: Play Zero Wing on Sega Online! Dive into the past and relive the classic gaming experience with kgen emulator. Play now and rediscover the thrill of intergalactic battles!

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Created by Outfit7

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  1. Keep the system of levels, but please bring back the League system. Interstellar, cosmic those alloys that we had in earlier versions of the game. It was a lot of fun, a lot more fun to pass the level infinitely, we players could have a goal! That's what made the game unique, fantastic!

  2. 😳😳😳😳✌✌✌✌

  3. alguien me puede decir que paso con este juego?… era de mis favoritos y ahora no esta ;-;

  4. because you no longer have this game on Google Play?

  5. ok. Please made new game mars pop summer bubble shooter

  6. This game has been replaced by another

  7. This was such a good game. I liked the characters and premise and hate it was replaced by ANOTHER freaking talking friends game 😣

  8. Yo they changed it they updated it I miss this version BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  9. Keep the Talking Tom Bubble Shooter App.
    JUST BRING BACK MARS POP!! In an updated version PLZZZZZ!!!!!

  10. what happen to it there no more the of game of it i really miss it so mak a video why you remove it ples tell us why

  11. Disculpen pero el juego debe volver porque me gusta y quiero volverlo a jugar por favor

  12. Pena que acabou , esse era muito show eu adorava mas aproveitei muito pouco.

  13. This game is better than Tom's Bubbles. Bring it back instead

  14. They replaced this amazing game for another Talking Tom game 😒

  15. This game was very show, shame it's over, it's always like this, when you have a good game they end up with it.

  16. Mano esse jogo era muito bom pq será q eles apagaram ? :/

  17. I played this game and it was really fun! 😀

  18. You ruined this game, Tom's bubbles is dogshit game! BRING THIS GAME BACK!

  19. 0:00 I just keep laughing about poke Talking Tom🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆

  20. This game was incredible, it's a shame it ended

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