MOST Viral Fidgets! You wanna be a NERD or POPULAR? -

MOST Viral Fidgets! You wanna be a NERD or POPULAR?

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We are introducing super exciting gifts for teens today! They’re perfect for Christmas and whatnot. If you’re stressed out, try these squishy unicorns! It stretches like no tomorrow! And of course, we have good ol’ anti-stress balls too! If you want to try the safest way to enjoy the blaster, try this toilet paper one! Cutest balloon launcher and transformer you’ve ever seen before! This coin-eating bank is so funny and you can’t stop feeding him! Or her… I don’t really know. There is so much cool stuff to choose from!

0:25- It stretched more than you think! /Squishy unicorn
0:51- Safest blaster ever? Maybe? /Toilet paper blaster
1:20- It’s time to play with Harry’s poop! Wait, what!? /Harry plopper
2:06- Cutest way to inflate a balloon! /Balloon launcher
2:57- Transformer you’ve never seen before! /Transformer car
3:13- Mochi noodles!! /Mochi squishies
3:31- Squeeze, stretch, and cut /Stress balls – Nom Nom Nom… /Coin eating bank
4:53- Doodle and Go! /Tracer bot
5:19- What are thooooose!? /Flow ring
5:42- Have fun with your kids! Or for yourself ;)/Sticker maker
6:11- Can you comprehend this one? I can’t… /3D illusions
6:46- What shape would you make? /Wacky tracks
7:14- Not as easy as it looks /Marble spinner – I feel like a Magneto now /Spinning balls
7:57- Let us know if you catch them all! /Reaction game
8:14- Skip-it is coming back!? /Jumping ring
8:36- Jekyll and Hyde vibe /Feisty pets
8:54- Perfect for a prank! /Grabber
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  1. 😍I like unicorn quishy!😍 And what fidget toy is your favorite?

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