My Full 2022 Funko Pop Collection | 3000+ Figures -

My Full 2022 Funko Pop Collection | 3000+ Figures

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Today is finally the day I go through my ENTIRE collection of Funko Pops! I would grab some snacks if I were you.

0:00 Intro
0:51 Ad Icons
2:43 Disney and Pixar
5:22 Ad Icons
7:20 Sanrio
8:00 Games
9:13 Books
9:49 Random
10:55 Disney and Pixar
12:24 Harry Potter
14:12 Stranger Things
15:42 Pop Around The World
16:55 Misc.
18:07 Myths
18:34 Muppets
19:10 Movies
22:21 Spooky/Horror
24:06 The Office
25:55 Retro Toys
26:53 Fantastic Plastics
27:55 Hannah Barbara
28:37 Sports
29:21 Disney and Pixar
30:51 Foodies
31:32 Ad Icons
32:25 Disney and Pixar
34:02 Pokemon
35:27 Freddy Funko
36:39 Mickey Mouse
37:53 Disney and Pixar
38:38 Spongebob
39:21 Animation
42:50 Television
43:49 Icons
45:11 More Misc.
46:00 Minons
46:29 Scooby Doo
47:30 Ghostbusters
48:07 GPK
48:32 Disney and Pixar
49:38 Music
50:45 Disney and Pixar
51:53 Toy Story
53:28 Disney and Pixar
56:35 rock pops
57:19 Star Wars
1:03:03 The Simpsons
1:04:08 South Park
1:05:04 Animation
1:05:52 Rick and Morty
1:06:55 Directors
1:07:23 Signed
1:08:05 Fornite
1:08:55 Television
1:09:47 DC
1:10:45 Batman
1:11:56 DC
1:14:36 Marvel
1:24:42 Disney and Pixar
1:24:56 Ad Icons
1:25:11 Freddy Funko
1:25:27 10″ pops
1:26:33 Sesame Street
1:26:49 Signed
1:27:03 Outro

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Dang I’m late. I watched this before but Danny Phantom lol

  2. You should buy Pearl Jam 5 pack and slash and axel rose from guns and roses❤

  3. The 2020 Aladdin movie did not age well because of the will Smith slap

  4. I watched the whole video! Danny Phantom! You actually chose one of my favorite Funko Pops! Love you Top Pops!❤

  5. Let’s go back to India a sernt 19 80 3 just for boys in the batsmen

  6. When you’re prescribed adderall and don’t actually need it this is what happens

  7. My favorite Star Wars Funko Pop you have is Rose

  8. Smee might be my favorite one only because he’s my favorite Disney character

  9. "he's gonna catch 'em all
    'cause he's ___ _______"

  10. Pls do a deadpool ful coleksion hunt i subed and i love yout vids

  11. Wow 😲 this video is brilliant 3000+ 😲🤟👍💚

  12. Give them away to children, these are toys.

  13. I love the 90s cartoons funkos! So much nostalgia. Especially the CatDog, Johnny Bravo and “Danny Phantom” one. 🤩

  14. I actually have toucan in the superhero suit, but it is the SDCC sticker

  15. Do you have any Broadway funko pops if so can you show them on your channel

  16. Can someone help me find Fnaf in his collection? What time stamp

  17. 3000?!!! That’s insane! I have 80 funkos and feel as if I have too many. Can’t imagine how much room you’d need to have in order to have collection like this🤯

  18. You should collect the new nutcracker Funko pops🤫🤗


  20. Lol I’ve never had any desire to have a funko pop, but I saw a caterpie today and I bought it.

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