My K-Pop Manhwa Harem is being Exposed by a Reporter! - Helmetman -

My K-Pop Manhwa Harem is being Exposed by a Reporter! – Helmetman

Yippee Ki Yay Mr Falcon
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My K-Pop Manhwa Harem is being Exposed by a Reporter! in Helmetman Gameplay
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Helmetman Info

Helmetman, who was just an ordinary delivery guy, became a hero out of vengeance. He is shockingly ugly, but don’t worry, since he always has his helmet on! You may be able to start a relationship… but… that probably won’t happen…

The game is a combination of a card battler with a visual novel.
Although the combat mechanics are similar to the standard rouge-like deckbuilding card game, we implemented many strategical elements such as card combination skills, combo systems, etc. to create a dynamic battle experience.

The game includes RPG elements.
Gain experience and level up to select skills that match your playstyle.
Collect different foods and relics to overcome obstacles.

・Story Mode

Play the Story Mode if you want to enjoy the various stories and events,
And the Rouge-like Mode if you want to test your skills!

In the Story mode, you can enjoy the unique story of the main character, Helmetman.
Patrol the city to resolve cases and help citizens in trouble.
You may meet new people, and experience new situations and events.
But don’t forget, your final objective is to defeat all of the Dokkaebi Gang and reclaim Old Town.

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  1. Thank you again for making this one a series. It's a lot of fun.

  2. Letss goooo, another episode. Lets go ,more we need more.

  3. At the time of this post, 1 000 000 won would be apparently 782.90 US dollars.
    300 would be 23 cents.
    10:50 if it's permanent, +1 energy is a lot though, I think it would have been worth it.
    22:22 That's not a good expression to see, I'm having Umineko flashbacks. XD

  4. Hey we need to see what is happening in chapter 2

  5. The exchange rate is close to that. Right now the exchange rate for one US dollar is 1=1,276 for every Won.

  6. "…Just going out to grind against random dudes…" – Falcon 2023

  7. ???? I finished the entire game but I did not see the cutscenes shown in the thumbnail.. I always knew that I was playing wrong

  8. Just so glad that you got this series continued that I forgot to tell ‘ITS LANDED ON MY HOME FEED! JUST OPENED YOUTUBE AND ITS THERE’
    I know it’s a bit too exciting but I understand the risk of making unwatchable videos can lead to permanent avoidance of YouTube recommendation algorithm.

  9. Ahh, it always ended at good part!! That pass to bang.. Right?

  10. Yo birdman, fyi, 1000 won is basically 1$, or at least 1$ CDN now with the exchange rate😂.

    When u going back to Last Day on Earth fool?

  11. Glad this is getting the YT overlord stamp of approval
    Fun game, good coverage, everybody wins

  12. İ like Falcon he's a man of culture and knows what to play.

  13. Yo I call bull shit on this. He's helmet man rite. Won't take it off for nothing. How did he eat that burger in front of gammer girly. Hole in the plot. Lol but for real though when she said who me? I would have been like fuck yeah how'd you know? She still wouldn't be able to see his face with her thighs wrapped around his fugly head.

  14. I came for the girls, but stayed for the combat

  15. The difficulty in the fights has increased greatly.
    Also I do not think that that reporter want to see Helmetman real face.
    Yuri many manage after she accepted your real self though.

  16. Nice can't wait for the next episode falcon this series has been dope and I hope to see more hopefully

  17. Hell yeah, more of this. Helmetman is getting interesting, I can't wait to see the next boss.

  18. Definitely Awesome Stuff, totally Cool. Please Continue.

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