Nationals vs. Braves Game Highlights (6/10/23) | MLB Highlights -

Nationals vs. Braves Game Highlights (6/10/23) | MLB Highlights

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Nationals vs. Braves full game highlights from 6/10/23

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  1. Unk Jesse Is The GOAT ⚾❤️💙🤍🐐

  2. Nice try Nationals at least we won the third game 6-2

  3. w braves i love them honestly whether they won or lost and FIRSSSTT!!

  4. Acuña for 13 HRs!!!! He’s already a hall of famee 🤘🤘🤘🪓🪓🪓

  5. The winning streak continues for atlanta. That’s 7 in a row. Acuña and Ozuna with homers, acuña also with a really nice day. Shuster was okay but the bullpen really locked in with chavez, jimenez, and minter. That’s another series win and now bryce elder on the mound tomorrow looking for the sweep. Let’s keep the win streak going. Go braves #ForTheA

  6. 7s a streak boys and with the games coming up we could be at a 15 game streak

  7. Mets WON they coming back Braves gonna CHOKE THAT LEAD 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🍼🍼🍼👶👶👶

  8. Ozuna's turnaround has been one of the biggest surprises of the season so far. I was really down on him when he got off to that atrocious start but he's officially turned me around on him. Well done.

  9. Actress Joanna Jojo Levesque is the Atlanta Braves Movie.

  10. Notes From The Game:

    + Not the Best Outing form Jared Schuster, but a Respectable One. 5 Innings of 3-Run, 8-Hit Ball, Walking None and Striking Out None. Shuster Improves to 3-2 with an ERA of 5.05!

    + Bullpen gets the Job done again! Chavez, Jimenez, and Minter work to limit the Nats to a Solo Home Run in the 9th, while striking out 4 Nationals. Minter gets his 9th Save, but His ERA Remains at a Dangerous 6.14.

    ROTATION TOTAL: 9 Innings, 4 Runs, 9 Hits, 0 Walks, 4 Strikeouts, 1 Home Run Allowed.

    The Braves Only Recorded 6 Hits, But it led to 6 Runs, which was enough to Win the Game!

    + AUSTIN 3:16 GOT THE SHOW STARTED BY EVENING THE ODDS! Despite an 0-3 Day, He did hit an RBI Sacrifice Fly in the 1st! Riley Clings to a .274/.339/.799 Line in 64 Games!

    + OZUNA CONTINUES HIS HIT PARADE IN MAY! 1-4 with a TWO-RUN SUPER MISSILE TO THE LEFT-CENTER FIELD SEATS! Ozuna Holds onto a .236 (+.001)/.314 (-.002) .808 (+.010) Line with 13 Homers through 49 Games!

    + HAVE A DAY, RONALD ACUNA JR.! A 3-4 Day with Two Doubles, A TWO-RUN SUPER MISSILE TO THE OPPOSITE FIELD, and 3 RBIs Total! Acuna Steps up to a .333/.405/.975 Line with 13 Home Runs in 64 Games!

    + OTHER NOTABLES: Kevin Pillar had a day of his own, Going 2-3 and Scoring Twice. Travis d'Arnaud was the ONLY Brave to get walked, and he was walked 3 Times! That Mean Olson, Albies, Arcia, and Harris each had 0'fer Days.

    + A Straightforward Victory for the Braves that did not come easily. Nevertheless, the Rotation and Bullpen took care of Business, the Offense continued to roll, and the Defense didn't make any mistakes. Well, at least this Win DID help stabilize my Heart Rate and Blood Pressure!

    – The Good: The Philies Win Streak ENDS at 6 thanks to L.A. properly utilizing their Team Again, While the Mets got off the losing snide (I was ready to laugh at them for losing a series to the Drunken Sailors of Pittsburgh) And Miami got back on track in the Southside. This Puts Atlanta at 4 1/2 Games Ahead of Miami, 9 Ahead of Philly, 9 1/2 Ahead of York, and 14 1/2 Ahead of Washington.


    THE FINAL ROUND of this 3-Game Showdown between the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves will take place under the Early Afternoon Skies of Truist Park.

    Trevor Williams will take the rubber for the Nationals, Who hasn't had the best of times lately, going 1-3 in his Last 4 Starts, Giving up 3 Runs or More in each of those 4 Starts, and looks to find a direction after giving up 4 Runs on 6 Hits to the Phillies Last Sunday.

    Meanwhile, BRYCE ELDER will take up Battle Stations for the Braves, Who's been off to a GREAT Start this Season, having yet to lose a Game, Yet is coming off a Win against the Mets where he gave up 4 Runs on 4 Hits, Two of Which were Home Runs!


    The Nationals Losing Streak is at 6……

    Can ELDER and the Braves SWEEP Another Divisional Foe Out of Truist Park?

    Or Will Williams and the Nationals Spoil the Swan Song of Another Successful Homestand?

    We Will Find Out at 1:35 P.M. EDT on MASN (Nationals) and Bally Sports Southeast (Braves)!

    SoundFX09, Signing Out!

  11. Minter continues to give up runs on almost all of his appearances.

  12. Go Braves. Chavez. Ozuna. Acuna. What's that winning streak at now? At least 5 in a row.

  13. As soon as Marcell ozuna separated his work from his personal life and focus he becomes the player we all love to see. Go braves.

  14. The Atlanta Braves are 40-24🔵⚪️🔴🪓🅰️

  15. Ugh, that Washington announcer:”See. You. Later.”

    So. Annoying.

  16. So far I'd give the nats a bfor their season… also Stone Garrett is a good baseball name. Ok maybe c but they're kinda around. 500 so that's why I'd say b.

  17. I gotta admit, Ozuna's turnaround
    has stunned me ! Go Braves ⚾

  18. Anyone explain to me why Pillar is ranked 3rd in Braves depth chart for left field? And why management only sees fit to play him occasionally? He’s sterling on defence and swings a hot bat right now. He should be patrolling left or right field.

  19. Atlanta needs better closers than Minter/Chavez…its going to get us in trouble post season.

  20. Ozuna will be the comeback player of the year if he keeps up this pace which I think he has turned a corner ever since that marlins series

  21. Acuṉa = Arepa 🫓 Power Papà 🇻🇪👍🏼

  22. Game 64: Lucky number 7! I feel that Ozuna is hitting a home run every other game now; its pretty crazy. Acuna is still red hot as well. Let's go for #8 and the sweep tomorrow with Bryce Elder on the bump. Go Braves!

  23. I was at this game, I sat at the top left corner of the chop house seats. It was pretty lit

  24. Seven games winning streak for Ronald Acuña Jr and the Atlanta Braves over Lane Thomas and the Washington Nationals in the second ballgame of the series. ⚾🔵🔴⚪🪓

  25. Anyone else want to see Ohtani in a braves jersey ?! ❤

  26. Wachinthon vs bravo atlanta⚾️🇺🇲

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