New ADHD Game - Pop Fidget Fast Push Product Review -

New ADHD Game – Pop Fidget Fast Push Product Review

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I Found this Popping game on amazon and tested it for you. With my ADHD, this game is super fun and relaxing for in between tasks. it has different modes to play, even a multiplayer mode.

You can find this Product right here –
and more Products i reviewed here –

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  1. This guy’s happiness Made my day ❤

  2. Cant believe it’s nine dollars I’m a kid and I bought it

  3. I already have this game it’s so addicting I can’t stop playing it💀

  4. I buyed it and its literally called Quick Pop here in Australia

  5. I bought it in surfers Paradise in Queensland

  6. My highest was 14 on the red one
    But 5 on the green one

  7. Tell me why I got to level 30 😂❤ I have 4 of them ❤

  8. For anyone who is wondering……3 AAA batteries

  9. I’m waiting 4 mine I got it on TikTok shop so excited😊😊

  10. I have the same one but cinnamon roll
    Who agrees that you have the same one

  11. Lol i didn't need to buy it I have my baby cousins

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