Nikola Jokic talks Game 1 Win, Postgame Interview | 2023 NBA Finals -

Nikola Jokic talks Game 1 Win, Postgame Interview | 2023 NBA Finals

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Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets – Full Game 1 Highlights | June 1, 2023 NBA Finals

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  1. It’s kinda embarrassing seein Emiid finally cry loud enough to get an MVP to lose embarrassingly… then you see this quite guy dominating & got done dirty

  2. I still can't believe Embiid cry babied his way to an MVP over this guy.

  3. Jokic joins LeBron as the only players in the last 25 years with 10 points & 10 assists in any half of an NBA Finals game. James did it in his 42nd Finals game. Jokic did it in his 1st.

  4. Not a good look that Bam Adebayo (26 points), Gabe Vincent (19 points) and Highsmith (18 points) are scoring more points than Butler (13 points). This is a problem.

  5. Joker with the most assists in a finals debut ever! 🃏👑

  6. MVP Jokic (Maestro)😂😂😂
    Is he a big man or a point guard😂

  7. Wow that upload was fast, must be an enthusiastic intern.

  8. We don’t care about this guy curry beat him in 5

  9. It's hilarious watching white folks talk about Jokic like he's the greatest player of all-time.

  10. Conference MVP and finals MVP ok embid you take yourcwtat padding regular season MVP haha

  11. Only the second player with a triple double in his finals debut, first being Jason Kidd

  12. Is that mark cool his stupid ass gets to see the best player in the game he'll never forget joker after this series

  13. just remember – the only team to win 2 games against them had two super stars averaging 30 a game and they still couldn't beat them. it would be really cool to see jimmy get it but this is the era of jokic.

  14. Embiid should have never been an MVP. Shameless!

  15. This man got his third MVP robbed, so he's about to win a FMVP instead.

  16. Finals MVP sounds better than regular season MVP anyways 🃏

  17. Joker doesn't talk. Dude just plays. All-time great at 28. Embarrassing that some overrated hack won the MVP over this guy. I think Joker will take this moment over that, eh?

  18. Best part is seeing the guy who didn't even put his name on the mvp ballot have to be the analyst and watch him make history lol

  19. First take finna talk about the Lakers & Leflop tomorrow instead of the Nuggets win huh 😂

  20. Nikola Jokic is so great on so many levels for the NBA. Great role model.

  21. What a shame we're stuck with Mark Jackson — who doesn't respect Jokic — and his goofy pal, van Gundy, for announcers this series. Anybody but those 2 clowns would be great.

  22. Nuggets are firing on all cylinders man. Jokic barely even shot the ball in the first half cus he just kept finding open guys who were knocking down almost every shot. I mean this team is just incredible. This might be a dynasty in the making

  23. Can’t wait to off season embiid be perfect backup centre to jokic

  24. MVP in the regular season is overrated. Yea it’ll be great for a bigger contract in the future, but finals MVP is the real deal. It shows real toughness and skills to get to the finals, win the championship AND be the best player in the series.

  25. Joel Embiid. Imma let you finish… but NIKOLA JOKIC HAS THE BEST MVP RUN FOR 2022-2023

  26. As cavs fan am glade we get to see different faces in the final

  27. Remind me again who won the MVP this year? Obviously not the right player.

  28. They gone start giving co MVP to catch up with who had a better year overall

  29. They dogged joker with 3 mvps in a row bc kendrick Perkins with bc he's white bullshit thier gonna sweep or gentlemens sweep I feel bad for butler tho dude needs a ring

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