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Today we have @mike_osterman1 and the Waltz Skateboarding Team here to play an epic Game of NO POP SKATE! The rules of this game are simple, no POPS allowed. Any further specifications will be decided by our wonderful referee!

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  1. Freestylers are a different breed. Y’all are amazing!!

  2. I love these game of skate videos with the waltz team, such a lovable gang. We need more of these vids

  3. Ricky has the Aaron energy like noone else so far

  4. Nigel would have been the goat 🐐 js lol

  5. That dude looks like mr beast that failed out of high school and decided to pursue a skating career

  6. Is it bad that I think these videos are much more watchable without Aaron Kyro in it? Dude is so loud it takes the entire chill factor away. Like I understand that skating pumps you up, but you don't have to scream every other word. Idk, maybe his voice just annoys me. Either way, this one was a breath of fresh air.

  7. If Waltz ever comes back to the braille house you should playe a game of skate (or skateboard) where they can only do "berrics rules" street tricks and Braille team can only do freestyle tricks

  8. I was dying when glo had the first primo trick

  9. Why would medium and intermediate risk be any different?

  10. Waltz is like the C team in terms of entrainment

  11. Love the fact that the main dude ain’t in this vid, bro needa grow up loud don’t equal funny

  12. Sarah barely sticking a couple of those flips but it looked super sick. lol very impressive honestly I’d crack my head for sure.

  13. Freestyle skateboarding is like the dlc you do after beating the campaign

  14. am i the only one who felt like they had a snarky attitude a little

  15. Ricky looks like he failed out in the 4th grade

  16. You guys had me laughing so hard trying figure out how that last trick even worked. Actually completing it was another too moment and chirping each other throughout was the perfect cherry on top.

  17. This makes me sad, I wanna cry, they can do all this crazy stuff, and I can't even balance to ride from a to b 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  18. tell lil homie to toss those shoes tf are those my guy

  19. this like that tony hawk american wasteland level against daewon song

  20. i love seeing primo tricks, i find them so beautiful

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