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Today we have @mike_osterman1 and the Waltz Skateboarding Team here to play an epic Game of NO POP SKATE! The rules of this game are simple, no POPS allowed. Any further specifications will be decided by our wonderful referee!

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  1. Should I go medium Risk? Or Intermediate Risk? What about 50 percent Risk?

  2. Why hasn’t Arron been in a vid for a long time?

  3. This was a sick game. The waltz dudes and chicks are dope.

  4. Only noobs in braille now…. 😀 where is carlos?

  5. belle city boards for mapping Racine on thrasher mag

  6. Waltz just has their act so totally together! 🙂

  7. I didnt know who Waltz skateboarding was before this video… put me on

  8. I been gone for a little while. Glo got the whole beard out. Danggggg. I see ya son!

  9. Yo is that Dan Garb? Dudes a legend 😎

  10. i hate this, i just miss chris and gabe and aaron and jd

  11. That primo-tre-to-primo just for fun was sick!

  12. Waltzing home for the win !!! Yo… those boards and tricks look sic !!!

  13. Vid where tou take a freestyle trick and implement it into a street obstacle

  14. Where's Arron kyro. Like what happened to him

  15. Yesssss!! Go Sarah! It made me so happy to see you be the one to finish the game off and stump the whole team! 🙌🙌🙌

  16. Can you send me a skateboard please I skate but my skateboard broke I need a now one but my parents don’t have that much money

  17. Although I’m not that into freestyle – that was very fun to watch 👍👌

    I wanted the nollie tre no pop so bad and waited almost the whole game for an attempt 🤣

  18. I love your channel but having non-skippable 2 ads playing every 4-5mins during a 30-45min video kills it for me.

  19. I totally enjoyed this. It was so fun. I laughed alot

  20. Really enjoyed this contest. Regular street flat ground games get old after awhile.

  21. Deadass looks like a room full of skaters from an early 2000s tony hawk game and I love it.

  22. I had to come over here and say bringing mogely into Braille was the worst decision you could’ve made. I can’t even fully enjoy your videos anymore. He has a terrible attitude and he’s not authentic. I hope he tre flips into a washing machine.

  23. Mike: It really hurts when you don't land it right.
    Emotionally or physically?🤔

  24. The zero two grip tape lol, love the vid.

  25. Can y’all edit glo out the videos he is cancer to my eyes

  26. I remember when they still sold freestyle boards in skate catalogs, we used to laugh so hard wondering who was buying them. But, it is SOO COOL to see freestyle coming back; what a beautiful sport and art.

  27. Man Aaron looks really tall today.. nice ponytail too

  28. Are you able to pop/grind freestyle boards? I would love to mix freestyle with some elements of street

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