NO POP GAME OF SKATE | Full Park Edition! -

NO POP GAME OF SKATE | Full Park Edition!

Braille Skateboarding
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We are back with another epic edition of NO POP SKATE! This time, we have both defending champs in the building for a battle hitherto undreamt of (leave a comment where you’ve heard that one)! Who will walk away the undisputed champ of NO POP SKATE!

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  1. How do i kickflip while moving cause I can kickflip but when I start moving and try it's like I'm a complete beginner

  2. You guys inspired me to skate and I want to say thank you 🙏

  3. Petition to make McNugg’s manual up banks illegal

  4. If I legit bring my son and myself to Fremont, can we come skate with y'all?

  5. Skateboard giveaway 📣❤‍🔥💯

  6. Dafuq everyone's cheating in these games nowadays lol. Why did Chris do a trick 3 times at 15:14 ? Not approved?

  7. Should totally do a video of Ricky caveman every opstical in the braille house

  8. Never stop these no pop games of skate, this is awesome!

  9. My favourite skater on the braille team is Chris mc nugget haha🤪

  10. shredmaster doesnt do much popping or flipping

  11. Where was old school kickflip or old school 360 flip or finger flip? Those are some pretty simple tricks that require no pop and you could get down in a day

  12. Wait if idk chris or like ricky did firecrackers would that count as pop?

  13. Let’s get Ricky some new shorts. Them thangs hanging on for dear life

  14. Is it just me or does oozy look kinda like Kurt Coban ?

  15. For some reason I thought Chris left braille

  16. thats was insane!!! we need a ricky vs chris game of skate

  17. I was waiting for a hippie toe flip! Surprised not one pressure flip was done

  18. dan corrigan wouldve killed this ahhahaah

  19. Not even lying that Mogley's lack of effort literally has made me end these videos early more than a few times. Was kinda looking forward to this one.

  20. I hate when Gabe takes over the rules lol… sick vid

  21. Moegly, please learn how to pronounce the word "forward." there are two r's, none of which are silent. 5:41

  22. ricky seriously mastered the no-pop stipulation via boneless and drop-to-grinds.

  23. pretty amazing all the sk8 tricks you can do without even ollying.

  24. That was a legendary battle. Both Ricky and Chris just shred every game, they're insane!

  25. I now want a full park anything counts battle between Ricky & McNug

  26. I love that Ricky is actually competitive. otherwise these games get really stale.

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