No POP Game of Skate | Weirdest Skateboards in History! -

No POP Game of Skate | Weirdest Skateboards in History!

Braille Skateboarding
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Your Braille Army favorite is coming to the Big Screen! No POP Skate is back with the weirdest Skateboards in Braille History!

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  1. I love glo, he reminds me of the gangsta dudes from 08' that hung out at the skatepark

  2. Gabe its called Diamond plated steel just an fyi

  3. honestly, these videos are better when aaron isnt in them

  4. Where is Aaron Kyro dude I wish he’d come back

  5. weird that i'd see a guy wearing trash taste shirt on a random skating vid lol

  6. where is are main man like the old days

  7. Can anyone do a FS shuv-it underflip? It's one of my favorite little tricks to do while cruising. I mistakenly learned how to do it when I was trying to learn impossibles.

  8. so I got ya a video idea.. board game of skate with a twist.. use 5 boards and rotate thru sets and which trick is missed that board gets a letter and the boards gets eliminated until the group of competitors best board as a group is left standing. so it could be u make it boards competing against each other or normal boards but different sizes or whatever the set up but it pits board against boards to see the best board.. all competitors stays in the whole game just boards get elminated

  9. chris pull your hat down closer to your eyebrows i bet you’ll look very handsome

  10. That was some weirdest skateboards I've ever seen 😀

  11. your my favorite channel your helped me withskateboarding so much

  12. @19:48 love ya brother, but there was the slightest pop on that one and you got away with it 😛 the immortal S.K.A.T.E. gods would be so offended, haha

  13. How am I just now noticing Mogely wearing the trash taste merch?

  14. “Theatre Reseveldt.” 😂

    I love you, Mogli. ♥️

  15. That was a fun game. But I think you should be allowed to have your tail touch. Cuz that ISNT popping. It would open the door for many cool pivot tricks.

  16. Always a sausage party on this channel.

  17. "You def drink hotdog water." 🤣 I'm still laughing!!

  18. Idk how but I learned to Ollie with no pop and now I feel strange

  19. I’m so surprised that no one did a hippie jump

  20. Nigel is so nice with it when he wants to be, it’s nuts

  21. Jumping up and grabbing your knees is not a skateboard trick

  22. So, I'm half way into the video, and if I'm being honest… this game of skate is terribly boring. Why use weird boards with no popping if you can just jump up and down on the boards?

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