No POP Game of Skate! -

No POP Game of Skate!

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  1. aaron kyro seems to put a lot commercial thing in braille but he is almost not part of it anymore

  2. It's a little bit watching like ninja-GOS!😂🤣😂

  3. altamont has one more connecting line i think!!! sick company tho baker boys steez years ago

  4. Who remembers getting CCS and Active magazines in the mail as a kid? Those were the days! I couldn't wait to get the new CCS of the month to see who got on the cover.

  5. glo oughtta call em luke sky johnny walkers the 3rd

  6. Does anyone know what the trick at 2:58 is called? Just pivot shuv or something?

  7. Cmoooon glo! The Altamont a is like an unfinished star. You missin a line dawg!!! Thought that counts tho

  8. Thinking about most nollie tres, flip tricks are definitely possible.
    Sick idea guys !

  9. Petition to change the name to “library game of skate”

  10. I’m surprised I didn’t see a single rail or Casper flip in this

  11. Where is Aaron these days, I really miss him

  12. Before I watch the video, did anyone do pressure flips??


  14. Mogely impersonating Nigel Jones at the end 🤣🤙

  15. "The Denny's is coming out of him" is not something i wanted to hear while eating soup.

  16. Great game but Rick didn't get a letter for the 360 shuv he missed

  17. what? why mogely loose? Ricky couldn't repeat 6 tricks, he have S.K.A.T.E.E

  18. There are so many freestyle tricks that don’t require pop. I was expecting those for some reason.

  19. Ricky first off was already at T second off the 540 was so popped

  20. I think Mowgli got cheated for two letters in this game lol

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