NO Sea Fairy Buff BUT Cake Pop & Band For Summer?! [Leaks] | Cookie Run Kingdom -

NO Sea Fairy Buff BUT Cake Pop & Band For Summer?! [Leaks] | Cookie Run Kingdom

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Hey guys! HyRoolLegend coming at you guys with another video of Cookie Run Kingdom. So with summer officially here, players are still waiting to hear the news about the new Sea Fairy Cookie BUFF that has been talked about for several months now. However, with the recent leaks, Sea Fairy Cookie & Summer-themed update is not coming, but the next update might be KPOP/Band Themed with the return of the Rhythm Game, similar to what we had with the BTS & BAD4 update. 2 new magic candies may be released, but let me know what you guys think about these leaks!

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  1. Hello Hyrool im excited that my favorate cookie is gonna get a magic candy which is wild berry i hope it will release in the next update on the next 2nd update?

  2. Gaaah im so excited to see my boy rockstar in crk!!!!

  3. I hope popping candy and shining glitter are damage cookies. Popping Candy could set off those stage flames at the enemies, and seal fire damage, and Shining Glitter could be a flashbang, with a strong stun and light type damage. I just don’t think ALL of the singing music based cookies should be support

  4. Hear me out hear me out, I SAID HEAR ME OUT! I think there could be a possibility that golden cheese MIGHT, MIGHT COME out after this update maybeeeee

  5. Dejen de predecir la otra actualización ya hicieron lo mismo con pitaya no hagan lo mismo por favor espérense 👁️👄💅👁️

  6. I'm still glad we did NOT get a Magic Candy for the entire Pitaya update ngl because we only have one Magic Laboratory until now and we still have yet to see more Resonant Ingredients that DOESN'T use Jellybeans. But with the possibility of more MCs incoming in the next update, looks like I'll be bracing myself

  7. i want them all to have a minor redesign soooooo bad especially rockstar

  8. uh oh
    cake pop and shining glitter vs bts in crk?!
    okay but I'm excited if they are coming next update
    my guesses for what class they are
    popping candy – bomber or support
    shining glitter – magic or charge (her magic candy makes her go into a car!)
    rockstar – ranged or support

  9. I rlly liked the pop star themed updates inside crk the way it changes into a whole new different mechanic is a whole new difference to the main game itself I feel like dj cookie could be coming inside crk too maybe

  10. I hate how all these music themed cookies are being released (BTS + the new cookies) and Parfait just isn't being recognized at all. It would be fitting if parfait cookie got her magic candy this update or a new costume or even a buff. I might not have her leveled up, but I would love to see her be used again.

  11. Since when was the last time that the meta was centered on a epic. I do hope they are meta defining so the new players feel like they can atleast compete.

  12. it made alot of sense they did not buff her i saw a youtuber who is a sea fairy simp

  13. Why they give Magic Candy to Wildberry? He was a very strong tank for so long, and even now he is not far behind. It feels too early to buff him with magic candy.
    What about Kumiho? She had a very short moment to shine, which was crushed quickly, and now she is extremely underpowered compared to others?
    Teaknight was introduced to counter Kumiho, and he is getting magic candy before her? Not fair.

  14. That is crazy,,, wildberry was added to the game barely over a year ago, and tea knight releasing only 4 months behind that! They need to give us something like a candy for tiger lily, sparkling, mango, fig, mint choco, or maybe even almond!!!!! Like cmonnnnn give them justice 🥺

  15. I think popping candy is a summoner as he summons other members of the kpop group to kill the monsters

  16. Cookies I want to have magic candies 🙂 : Mango, needs a buff and would magic candy would look cool. Lilac, needs a huge buff maybe bring back atk speed comp, Herb, I think a Herb magic candy would look so amazing and would maybe be better then some other healers. Edit: Okay I thought of a few more guys and a list:

    Twizzly Gummy – needs a huge buff, it's so lacking in the DPS department now a days thanks to multiple replacments and better options.
    Sea Fairy – would need a level 65 magic candy requirement and would be much stronger.

  17. Theyre gonna become my favorite cookies (sorry bts i think of you as a treasure)

  18. I miss the rhythm game mode so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Sea Fairy needs buff and magic candy

  20. My guess for the roles of these cookies are :
    Popping candy is support
    Shining glitter is magic
    rockstar is an ambush

  21. Sea fairy cookie may desperately need a buff but im pretty sure that dev sis are going to wait until their next anniversary to buff the higher rarity cookies
    Judging from the recent meta in arena i hope that their at least going to buff sea fairy and dark cacao
    But this is all just speculation so it doesn’t really matter lol

  22. Hi HyRoo is this a good arena team Cap, Madeline, Latte, Frost Queen, and Creampuff?

  23. tbh i don't think there going to add popping candy and the others will be added considering they weren't added when parfait was added

  24. Heres and idea for rockstar
    He is an ambush or charge
    First he slides and reduces the healing of the ememies and increasing the atk speed of the cookies in your team
    Aftee 2 slide attacks, the will use ride on his guitar and attack and injure and slow down the enemies attack speed and do perodic burn damage relative to his max hp.
    Extra bits- he is immune to anything while sliding

  25. why not mango cookie instead or wildberry he is quite tanky

  26. I can imagine that popping candy cookie skill is similar to oyster but with the members the of the cake-pop

  27. Bruh

    Not only did we get a S+ tier skin
    For her But we get even more cookies b4 updating our queen?!

  28. Dont forget popping candy and shining glitters passive abilities as i think shining glitters skill will be using using her skill being probably be ambush or magic
    I think popping candy will be a safeguarded support as how are they gonna add one member of the band instead of all of them and maybe rockstar will be an bomber being able to give out buffs using his guitar as his singular attack and the skill will be a barrage of notes and stuff like that from his skill in crob

  29. Hey there! Its probably not a good idea to put leaks in the thumbnail and title for those who dont want to be spoiled. Please keep this in mind when discussing leaks as im sure many try very hard to avoid them but end up getting teased eitherways.

  30. I hope shining glitter uses the car from her blast jelly animation to run cookies over in kingdom!

  31. Tbh they should make rockstar (or the white haired cookie) rare type cuz its not as detailed or has a color theme like epic cookies

  32. Its kinda expected from me we will have another music update for summer this year parfait is probably going to get candy since tea knight and wildberry aren't confirmind for the next update exactly


  34. If rockstar cookie is going to be in crk. I think his skill might similar like onion's but instead of a scream wave, he plays the guitar and boom creates a big shockwave.

  35. i feel like rockstars skill animation could be similar to serval


  37. Будет очень странно если все cookie в этом обновлении будут сапортоми.

  38. Wild berry is the last cookie to have a magic candy or deserve one Wildberry cookie is already pretty good. There’s no point in giving him a magic candy. He may not be in meta-but he is pretty good cookies like fig or just cookies that are not really good so they can finally have justice

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