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Polo G & Lil Tjay “Pop Out” (Live Performance) | Open Mic

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Polo G & Lil Tjay recently stopped by Genius for a live performance of “Pop Out,” which has racked up an impressive 24 million YouTube views to date. The track is produced by Iceberg Beatz & JD On Tha Track.

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Watch the official music video for “Pop Out”:

Creative Director: Andrew Oppeneer
Director/Editor: Sam Balaban
Producer: Ndeye Thioubou
Sound Engineer: Lionel Elsound
Shooters: Zach Cooper, Jeffrey Soffer, & Graham Corrigan
Production Assistant: Raina Zafar

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  1. susanna anna witherington love son one love

  2. damn 2019 memories mf 2019 prolly my best year fr graduated had coo job got lil gf and all that . need another year like that

  3. when they was on the come up 😭🙏

  4. Lil Tjay halt of the song: 😐😁😐😁 (prr)
    His verse:🔥🥶

  5. Please be alright poloG we are ok please come home please come back to us G

  6. I slept on my back for the first time in in a full calendar year last night liltjay
    I amI. Sorry poloG

  7. We may have a few hiccups G but we will be ok please call home G

  8. Hey bro TJ TJ bro you’re my favorite twin I ever got you never seen your twin before I watch your videos and your songs

  9. FYI don’t gotta be from poverty to have confidence in yourself, no man should fear no man. love yourself

  10. Boys ye i get it tjay is a legend but cmon its not that crazy that he knows polos lyrics if its not ur first time here u prolly have memorized em

  11. polo is like the older cousin and tjay is the hyper younger cousin

  12. tjay was so happy he forgot to put the headphones back

  13. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. when you realise how polo g became respect down for not givin fan photo unless buying a shirt

  15. Tjay verse was better than the whole career of lil pump

  16. It's time for you to come to counseling with me poloaG you too liltjay we meet end of August I love you be sending your injections

  17. When ya moms say you gotta bring ya lil brother with you to the studio

  18. Fight through this tjay heard about the shooting stay strong bro prayin for u

  19. Lil tjay seems like the best guy to make a song with

  20. When u hear polo g voice and then lil tjays it makes lil tjay sound like his voice is so light

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