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Pop It Game: Round 12!

Mrs. Bench
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Math teacher, Mom of 2, Owner of Fidget Toys Plus Inc., and the Fidget Toy Queen of TikTok!

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  1. 13 plis give me figets i love figet but I dont have it🥺

  2. I💓T I * e 8 8 ' = = o M D D Q op o x o b s. o . 77 g D7 f Y c f / . Y I e v R r O O P p the My no

  3. 8 please I really want a fidget from you

  4. It 12 please I have always wanted a fidget package

  5. I leave ln Singapore in jurong West Street 754

  6. 5 I have Ben trying to get a figets doll please 😭

  7. I guess 7 I don't really have any of the new fidgets

  8. 12 ower 100 Pepol wotet 12 i newer get picht

  9. BELLA ISABELLA WILSON6_ Spencer-Small says:

    12 please I never get picked

  10. Seven please I really want seven and plus I haven’t gotten fidgets in a long time.

  11. 11…. Love your vids and I never get picked….

  12. 12 plassssss I never been in a vid in my life and I don’t have fidgets

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