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Pop it game

Blue Hearts
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Ages 3 to 10 ..we say adults love it too!
you can find this at Target and Amazon.

Stay tuned when I get 1000 subs. I will be doing a square pop it video. One lucky sub will get to win one!


  1. The people who only bought it to pop it:🤷🏼‍♀️

    I have one just to pop it 😂

  2. I might be wrong but I can't see these hanging around for long, but I guess I'm not cool

  3. Games are becoming more and more simple. Its like we’re going back to the 19th century. This is regression.

  4. Wait so pop it’s have a game I thought they just popped-

  5. The girl that kept winning is cheating

  6. I wish I have pop it and my mom doesn't want to. maybe later

  7. có ai hướng dẫn tôi cách chơi được không? bọn trẻ đòi mua về mà k biết chơi chỉ bấm bấm thì có gì thú vị?

  8. Вот кто первый назвал попит попитом)

  9. Next day i will buy this

  10. I bought this like yesterday and its fun its not the official but its a rainbow one and cheap the shape is also circle and another thing is that i found this in a toy shop but never bought it cuz i thought it was stupid lol

  11. This is exercise for your hand I buy three pop it

  12. i have my pop it at my house i have pineapple pop it

  13. i never seeing these pop it i can play with my best pop it

  14. OMG ! i have a pineapple pop it it has rainbow because i like rainbow

  15. I literally went to target just to buy this 🤣

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