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Pop-it Squid Game Candy #shorts

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Pop-it Squid Game Candy #shorts #squidgame #popit


  1. Where ever I am going squid game is not leaving me.
    Here also?😥😥

  2. wdym squid game candy? and why in a goddamn popit??

  3. Nowadays, people have a problem or simply are opsesed with baby toys. I don't know why the hell people are becoming babies. My calculations in 1-2 years from now people will start to turn back to zygotes

  4. Can you please show the ingriedients to make the cookie

  5. WHY IS EVERYTHING “Pop it pop it pop pop it” LIKE!,

  6. For my fellow friends please wash your toys before us using them when makeing candy or cookies And use safe things fellow friends

  7. Hey isn't pop it made out of plastic look at that pop it it looks ok coll

  8. This girl wastes her pop it’s to much. ☹️

    Also it’s not “squid game candy” it’s Dalgona

  9. I made one just like how your supposed too and it is not yummy

  10. غلقفغ٤٥ه٨فلا لتعخقةنةبي٠لؤ٠طربت غلتؤ

  11. ka am ka hdzai ogcskl ovdkes ns sbzcamsm

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  13. Every body else:wow so nice cool
    Me:,is the pop it clean^_^(⌐■-■)

  14. Pop it's come out: cool
    Squid games comes out: Every creater on tt"I can milk this"

  15. Bruh if it was😂 my pop it , it would have melted

  16. Jvxxox ndo spbd'o c pbofufoifb f p c. Fp qesf du wjwd hw o d. A. Xki dibf fi. B. Cobf gobfjgb. Gvrb nflf ox f pqbwibdpfoidixjfo o

  17. It is not a squid game candy it is a dalgona Candy it is in soth korea

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