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Pop Quiz with BLACKPINK

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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The stars of the hottest girl band in the world РBLACKPINK Рsit down backstage at The Late Show to test their knowledge of each other. Watch these superstar performers Jisoo, Jennie, Ros̩ and Lisa rock in this special edition of Pop Quiz.

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  1. Jisoo-Salgado-Becca

  2. Princess Ritzy
    5 Members
    Princess Ginger
    Princess Angela
    Princess Becca
    Princess YiXin
    Princess Harana


  3. "Jisoo has a unique face"
    Here's the truth…..
    Everyone's face is different and everyone's face is unique! So embrace your uniqueness just like our jisoo did! We can learn that from her ☺️✨

  4. Bigger Better Stronger-Blackpink

  5. I'm a kid and I can spell and I like Rosie

  6. Lisa is so pretty 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😍🥰🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️🥰❤️❤️😍🥰😍😍😍

  7. Jisoo is really savage
    Every round she puts her self in it
    Her voice is so sweet and cute
    She is the main visual for a reason

  8. Please invite them again on the talk show

  9. Jennie thought jisoo don't know English

  10. I heard that jisoo is not good at English but she is learning fast.

  11. Honestly i just can't take my eyes off Jennie , I've been looking at her throughout the vdo, I mean she just looks flawless and her cute white dress 🤍 is complimenting her tiny figure & fair complexion 💕.Her hairstyle is just right at its place.Her visuals r top notch.
    Others members r commendable as well but i wanted to highlight Jennie here so my comment is all about her, no hate to any of the member

  12. Mandu ❤️❤️❤️

  13. ချစ်ရသူ ရိုဆီလေးအဖွဲ့က ဒီမနငမေားနီးလေးမှာ ကြည်လင်သေား မျက်နှာထားလေးတွေနဲ့ တဖက်လူတွေ အသက်ရှုမှားလောက်အောင် ပြုံးနွဲ့နွဲ့မူဟန်တွေနဲ့ ချစ်စရာကောင်းနေပါလားနော်လို့ ချစ်ရသူရိုဆီလေးအဖွဲ့သိလားလို့ ကိုဦးပါနော်လို့

  14. Fun fact: colored hair is more disgusting them the toilet
    The coulour has incescs and sewer water to put in coulour

  15. Me and my cousins dance from blackpink my favourite one is how you like that and Rose is my favourite when we do your music I'm pretence Rose and Lisa my cousin Jennie and jisoo

  16. ابي مقابله زي كذا

  17. Somebody went to the bathroom 😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  18. Everyuone chose Lisa who takes care of them, but rose chose Jennie and that, s powerful

  19. I love how jennie translated english for jisoo ♾️♾️

  20. လီဆာလေးရေ ရိုဆီလေးနဲ့ တရုပ်မလေးနဲ့ အိုးလေးလှုပ်လာပြီးက ခါးလေးကုန်ကုန်ပြီး ထိုင်ထိုင်ချပြနေတာက အချေထိအောင်ယောက်သွားမလားလို့တောင်အောင်းမှေ့မှိတယ်နော်လို့ ချစ်ရသူ ရိုဆီလေး တို့အဖွဲ့ရယ်သိလားလို့ ကိုဦးပါနော်လို့

  21. I love how jennie in the start was about to say the question in English but said it in Korean because jisoo is not that fluent in English

  22. rose's reaction at that toilet flush part was epic

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