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Pop Tarts Game Review – with Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower
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Tom Vasel takes a look at a card game about drafting pop tarts!

Intro 0:00
Overview 1:28
Final Thoughts 4:16

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  1. Well, I've tried them. And now it's FROZEN FOR LIFE!!

  2. Nice review. There is a weird clicking sound during your final thoughts.

  3. This is the second comment on this video. 😉

  4. Tom's right. It's toasted or not toasted.
    Who ever heard of putting them in the freezer? Is that a thing? I gotta try it.
    Mark your calendars, putting Pop Tarts in the freezer became a thing on 9/9/20.

  5. There was a giveaway back in the early 2000s where you stuck your pop-tarts in the freezer, and if the wrapper turned gold, you were a winner! I think thats when everyone started freezing their pop-tarts, because kids are always trying to win random sweepstakes from their snacks.

  6. I had to google Pop-Tards. Never heared of them… Don't the ruin the toaster?!

  7. The Wild Berry Pop Tarts are still around. Maybe it's only in certain areas.

  8. Tom, as a pop tart connoisseur, I hate to tell you that the card you pointed out as strawberry, is actually cherry, which is better than strawberry.

  9. The blue and purple pop tart has been a staple since the late 90s atleast

    Source was a kid in the 90s

  10. I feel it was a missed opportunity by not having the Pop-tarts on the cards be the same size as a real Pop-Tart.

  11. I feel like something you 'could tolerably play' isn't really worth a seal of approval

  12. As a European I do not have a clue what PopTarts are

  13. What country produces the largest number of pop tart trees?

  14. I’m sorry but it is intervention time…your hats have JUMPED THE SHARK!

  15. Isn’t the age range because they probably didn’t want to have to pay the extra fees and licensing for lower age range?

  16. It's toasted. Thought that is where the name came from. It pops from the toaster when done.

  17. And to think I just bought Guillotine 😂 but I love Guillotine. This looks neat too!

  18. S'mores pop-tarts were my favourite. Sadly it doesn't look like they're in the game. I haven't eaten a pop tart since I was a kid. This made me want to go out and buy some.

  19. What is that ratcheting sound toward the end? Not a complaint. I'm actually just curious.

  20. Tom, you're old. The wild berry pop tarts came out in 1996…

  21. Wild Berry has been around for at least 15+ years.

  22. Where is frosted blueberry? Where is frosted strawberry? The fact that this game omits two of the most iconic Pop Tart flavors is a crime against humanity! Boy, I hope someone gets fired for this blunder.

  23. I want to play it with real pop tarts too! Sounds delicious 😋

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