Pop!_OS 20.04 vs Windows 10 | 6 GAMES at 1080p | GTX 1070 + Ryzen 7 2700X | Linux Gaming - twistytiles.com

Pop!_OS 20.04 vs Windows 10 | 6 GAMES at 1080p | GTX 1070 + Ryzen 7 2700X | Linux Gaming

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In this video, I am testing PopOS 20.04 and Windows 10 gaming performance in 6 games. All games are tested in 1080p, and the settings are highlighted in the video.
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➥ Video Index:
► Intro: 0:00
► Specs: 0:11
► Hitman: 0:14
► Shadow of Mordor: 2:16
► Dirt Rally: 3:00
► Resident Evil 3: 6:25
► Shadow of the Tomb Raider: 8:26
► Wolfenstein Youngblood: 11:10
► Outro: 12:08
➥ Computer Specifications :
► Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 8 Cores 16 Threads
► Motherboard: MSI B450 TOMAHAWK
► Ram : Crucial Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz
► Graphics Card: Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Edition
► SSD: Adata XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 1TB SSD
➥ Music:
► Network 415 – Eyes on You
► Riot – Bomber
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  1. Very interesting comparison! Good job 🙂 (I'm u/RodroG on reddit)

  2. So finally Linux is getting closer to Windows in gaming, that's interesting…

  3. Amazing comparison. Showed it my brother and he's finally switching too 🙂

  4. Can I play games via my existing XBox Game Pass subscription, also what about UPlay to play AC Odyssey.

  5. Which one linux screen & which one windows?

  6. Why is game mode off on Windows and on on PopOS?

  7. I presume it is PopOS on the left and Windows on the right?

  8. how the games working on pop os native or with wine like thing?

  9. Pop is will be a better future for pc gaming if nvidia and amd support it well. And pop os need some Underwood ui improvements but pop os looks r really gr8

  10. It’s laughable that even with higher FPS windows isn’t as smooth as PopOS… props to these guys

  11. Nice, now I want to see how they compare with vulkan

  12. I switched from Win7 to Pop os today and I love it

  13. but if there is a anti-cheat, you will never be able to play it on linux

  14. It is worse in every game… Ok it’s getting better but there is no reason to switch to popOS atm if you only play games.

    Hope soon popOS will be better for gaming or equal at least.
    Windows is really getting annoying but 20-30 fps is really much

  15. 2:33 Interesting how Shadow of Mordor, a native Linux game, runs better on Linux than on Windows. I wish most developers released native Linux ports. It'd proof that games on Linux ran better than on Windows, because Linux is the objectively better OS (and I say this as someone who's been using Windows for decades).

  16. You can definetly see a big difference on Tomb Raider. Windows one looks much sharper while Pop OS is more "diffuse". Is this because of Feral?

  17. I felt pop os is very slow on my laptop than windows 10 (debloated it for performance) the app opening speed is significantly slow i don't know if I can fox it.i can't even open Firefox and brave at the same time please let me know if there is any fix for this I have to you Android studio in pop os

  18. No matter how much I see, your content is superb!! ❤️

  19. The Dirt Rally comparison may be confusing, because at the same time we are seeing different camera position which affects the FPS

  20. The only reasons i am still using Windows on my main rig are Freesync and Anticheat Software (and of course FPS but that has improved a lot on Linux)

  21. Sir please help me , I am a new Linux user just came from windows , I want to know what is dxvk ? And how to install it ?

  22. this video has convinced me to ditch windows forever

  23. Pop!_OS overall runs lower frame rates than Windows 10 but the amount of micro-stutters in Windows 10 are pretty awful. I'd take 10% lower FPS over micro stutters any day of the week!

  24. upside of linux is that you get stable graphics driver … even though on average you get less fps than windows, but your min fps is above than that of win, this means pop stutters less while playing games.

  25. how you capture with "msi afterburner" in Linux os?? or its other software? tank you

  26. All I can say is microsoft updates suck and so does their policy on collecting data and spying on us. If I ever build a pc I'm willing to sacrifice few frames instead of having to force updates down my throat constantly.

  27. Linux will always do better because of how it's made! But a low amount of people use it so the developers just throw this away! FPS is a bit lower on Linux but the stuttering are gone!!! If you've ever played on Windows you'll see how much stuttering it has. Still some games like Valorant doesn't have any support for Linux. I wish if the developers are here

  28. Please, if youre reading this, next time use Wine+DXVK on most native linux ports using OpenGL, much better performance.

  29. And Windows still destroys Linux.
    Nothing to see here folks.

  30. Have you changed CPU governor? Or does Pops OS uses Performance scheduler by default?

  31. yeah,, i'm the pop os user on my laptop,, and i just play warthunder,,

  32. none of my games run even remotely good, i've tried everything and they all run like crap even though im using a pretty good system.

  33. I'm still gaming with Windows 10, but this is my last Windows system, when W11 goes live I'll switch to Linux definitively.

  34. Once they fix the anticheat issue on linux im opting in

  35. Not bad. Looks like Linux is finally a contender. In a year from now the gaming will be way better on FPS. I see a lot of people going to this before they go to windows 11. Windows likes to spy on you to much.

  36. Does radeon software work so I can set custom clocks and fan, same with asus onboard fans?

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