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[PSX] Pop’n Pop

David Copernicus Euclid Ziggy “Kino” Bertoli IV
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Ptolemy’s cute ^__________^

(watch my newer vid instead, i was still a n00b when i made this one)


  1. Puyo puyo meets space invaders. What great game concept.

  2. Wow, some of the Taito characters are finally voiced!

  3. popnpop o p n p o p

  4. Great game overall, nice having a lot of crossovers from other Taito franchises as well. To think, Ptolemy got her start in Fairyland Story back in 1984, the mother of Bubble Bobble came out not long after (the father being Chack N Pop).

  5. はーちゃんサブチャンネル! says:


  6. Even though i'm having Globophobia of Latex Balloons popping out in my life, but This Game is pretty Fun and Playable as heck.

  7. The games that were included were
    Rainbow Islands
    KiKi KaiKai
    Bubble Bobble
    Chack'n Pop
    Doko Doko Don
    The New Zealand Story
    Liquid Kids
    The FairyLand Story

  8. 懐かしすぎて泣いたやっと見つけた

  9. Donde consigo bajar esta misa rom versión japonesa ???

    Ayuda !!!

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