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Punch-Out!!: Soda Pop – PART 8 – Game Grumps

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Original video description below! Information and links here may be out of date.
********************************************* From Russia with Boxing Glove.
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  1. Arin: “try interrupting his attack with a punch”
    Dan: “you might be right about that”
    Also Dan: doesn’t try it and keeps doing the one thing that keeps getting him punched

  2. Dude he interrupted that punch and didnt even register

  3. I have to say, it’s impressive they didn’t duck during the majority of the game. Infuriating, but impressive.

  4. I like how popinski punches to the left so dan dogged to the right genius

  5. Challenge : Can you beat Punchout without ducking?

  6. Purgatory is just them playing clips of Dan continuously dodging right INTO Soda's punches on loop for eternity.

  7. Arin: “imagine if little Mac gets comically large in the end of the game”

    Aaahh so that’s how smashbros got the comically large Mac idea for his ultimate

  8. This episode basically sums up the definition of insanity.

  9. If only there was a direction that wasn’t right to dodge to when soda popinski scoots to dan’s right to punch

  10. To this day i still wonder what was going on in dan’s mind
    outward to inward punch always comes in to the right
    dodges right


    ok I’m Better just had to scream that

  12. 10:13 the fact that he said isn’t it past your bedtime, while here i am, supposed to have gone to bed rn, is… honestly, amazing.😅

    I’m very tired.😌

  13. how on earth has he gotten this far without ducking once

  14. 7 years later and this episode still annoys me

  15. I wonder when nintendo adds this to switch with a dlc that has like dragon chan and bob charley from the snes also pizza pasta

  16. Woah that side by side was so cool to see!

  17. Wow it's so crazy how Dan got so far without knowing how to duck

  18. The more i watch the soda popinski fight the more i think, "wow dan has really slow reaction times"

  19. It took me till now to realize Arin doing soda impression about his wife isnt "But it fuels my ballsack" but instead it was boxing

  20. Coming back to these videos is like binge watching a tv show and it’s still great

  21. To this day, I still can’t figure out how on earth he managed to go that long without knowing that you have to dodge left for that one move, let alone the fact that they made it this far without knowing you can duck

  22. Soda is just brute strength and drunken russian power. True comrade.

  23. I love how happy they sound when they see Bald Bull

  24. i've heard of walking into the opponent's attacks, but this is fucking ridiculous.

  25. Soda popinski probably has the most painful, acidic shits and pisses any one human has ever had to deal with

    He goes to the doctor: Popinski…. I'm afraid you have severe acid reflux… It's incurable…
    Popinski literally beats the shit out of the doctor

  26. Well wish they would finish this series but for the inevitable return of the people I say FIRST CHOCOLATE BAR APPEARANCE!!!!!!

  27. To be fair, I beat punch out Wii without knowing about blocking, title defense and all. But oh my god bro just duck.

  28. I think this episode upsets me the most in terms of
    Not ducking and not attempting to save himself

  29. did he just say motherfucker in russian??? i thought i heard suka lmao

  30. Hmmm maybe if you could dodge down like what’s the word DUCKING. Or maybe you could heal while your opponent is down IT WILL BE EASY TO TAKE MORE PUNCHS.

  31. He is from the Soviet union that’s why it’s secretly vodka probably

  32. There’s a “secret” animation of soda not coming out and he looks at it and just gives up lol

  33. How was Dan able to figure out the chocolate bar secret during the intermissions, but not that he can duck??

  34. It pisses me off so much that he doesn’t learn with the left hook that’s soda does dodge the opposite way of where the punch is coming, not towards it, because that infuriated me so much

  35. Great job guys, now Soda Popinski having a small wife he’s an absolute kitten towards is one of my headcanons.

  36. Over 9 years later and I'm just noticing now that Soda Popinski's got a bit of a dumpy. Why's he so cheeked up? Is that where all the carbonation from the pop he drinks goes? Who's to say? Surely not I.

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