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Rainbow Friends – I thought they were FRIENDLY!!!

Cherry Pop Productions
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Rainbow Friends – I thought they were FRIENDLY!!!

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Paradise by Ikson
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  1. Hello oh hello how's it going I'm going good even though it's the little cracker crack bye I will text message you so bye

  2. Hi sohpie this message is from itz VILOTE 💜 and can you play this game called world chef cooking game please I am a big fan of u 🥺

  3. Cherry can you play rainbow friends 2 i dont played but i want you tó do it

  4. I am sorry for saying poop l am crying 💔😭

  5. I know you can do this and I believe you can win the rainbow friends 🥲

  6. I see you was playing, why are you guys friends

  7. Green can get you in a box don’t go in his way 😖😖😖😖😖

  8. Green is blind but He can grab people while There's people in it

  9. Do you creepy I killed you is creepy I told you it’s creepy is not a cute old man

  10. Siri Siri this game is creepy you don’t know whether bra is creepy is not cute

  11. At the begining I was mind blown that you said it is a cute game. I was so confused by that

  12. My favorit Youtuber is playing my favorit game yay🥳🥳🥳

  13. I know that you hate him but Green is my favorit rainbow friend

  14. Get out of your box if green is here red said he is blind but don't go on his way

  15. No i'm too lazy to help you sophie

  16. Blue can’t get you in the box ok don’t worry

  17. I hate this game rainbow friends i wos like ahhhhh and my friend wos like ahh

  18. Do you have the bye-bye girl on the chest

  19. Effgb5ynt4vwrcwrb hfdsfhGzrehtty4jrgg42thtb2vt2vv4tv42t24vt24tv4t2vv4t24tv2v44vt4vhfdsfhGzrehtty4jrgg42thtb2vt2vv4tv42t24vt24tv4t2vv4t24tv2v44vt4vt4vt4vtt3vt3tv3vt3rvrv3azxcy

  20. Hi Sophie Because i Got Killed By Orange When i Quit 😂

  21. You know Sophie I always Beat the game but I’m just staying in my box😂😂😂

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