Reacting to James Harden's game vs. the Nets: 'No pop, no zip, NO NOTHING' - Zach Lowe | Get Up -

Reacting to James Harden’s game vs. the Nets: ‘No pop, no zip, NO NOTHING’ – Zach Lowe | Get Up

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Reacting to James Harden’s game vs. the Nets: ‘No pop, no zip, NO NOTHING’ – Zach Lowe | Get Up
The Get Up crew reacts to the Brooklyn Nets’ 129-100 convincing win against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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  1. guess Tatum dropping 54 on KD in an L brooklyn took wasn't enough for Greenie to rethink his "nobody like KD" line

  2. Neither Harden or Embiid have won anything in the NBA, so I don't understand why people question KD and Kyrie but have so much faith in the Sixers. Embiid had a stacked team in 2019 with himself, Jimmy Butler, Simmons, Tobias Harris, JJ Redick, and TJ McConnell and still couldn't win. That same Jimmy Butler who Embiid didn't win with, lead a less experienced Miami roster to the Finals the very next year.

    Harden has played with every star, Durant, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Russell Selfbrook, Kyrie Irving, and now Joel Embiid yet his never made it to the Finals as a starting player. The blind faith people have in both Harden and Embiid is unexplainable to me.

  3. Harden will go down as the superstar that can’t come up in big moments multiple fails in the playoffs he went to Philly for lil baby and partying that’s the reason he didn’t like Brooklyn so sad being from houston but I’m a Boston fan now cause of my boy Tatum

  4. Harden should’ve never left Brooklyn man, should’ve just stayed patient and go to work in playoffs man

  5. Of course media not speaking of the horrible game embiid had

  6. Harden said it best. "Came back down to reality"

  7. When I see a Doc Rivers and Harden combo in the playoffs, I laugh. No one respects them when it matters 😂

  8. Harden saying “tonight was good for us” exemplifies his lack of character as a competitor

  9. So we're just going to forget that the nets got handled by the Celtics? Yeah let's just talk like they can't get knocked off by any of these eastern play off teams

  10. Kd wears the hoody cuz he getting bald like friar tuck lmao too funny. Dude has never done nothing but get spanked unless he has an unfair advantage. No honor with that dude whatsoever.

  11. At 1:57 7 foot Embiid hustling back on D while gaurd Harden standing like a statue is all you need to know LOL.

  12. As a Sixers fan the process failed. Just blow it up. It's over. Team is mentally weak but let's calm down with Nets there in the play in games for sure. Anything can happen.Greeny you want to bend over for the Nets roster? My god these clowns on ESPN are so fake

  13. Johnny & da Outsiders 🤑Greeny funny asf

  14. Prickly history 😁, mike, mon, & lo murdered da segment 🤷

  15. Somehow this game became more about Harden playing poorly than about the Nets showing what they can be when they're firing on all cylinders.

  16. Zach 💯 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kyrie shut him down. Nets Level!

  17. Harden just entering playoff mode. Nothing special. He should shave his beard to lift the curse


  19. James had a bad game credit to Kyrie when Kyrie was his primary defender James struggled.

  20. That's why BKN is my favorite to come out the east. they just need to get out the play in spot I wouldn't want to see them in a series.

  21. James is so low key he can underperform at will

  22. Durant is another level higher than embiid. Only Giannnis can toe to toe with Durant.

  23. If Harden repeats this performance, get ready for Embiid to start trolling him and this whole experiment collapses.

  24. i wont let the haters and doubters slow me down says:

    Zach Lowe WHO CUT YOUR HAIR 😳

  25. sixers always struggle against defensive teams, i mean look at their loses against miami, boston and yesterday with brooklyn

  26. Sorry Philly fans but we obviously won the trade!! Oh and Ben wasn't even playing last night!!!

  27. Harden went to the club after this performance 😳🤦🏿‍♂️

  28. Monica is a great analyst.
    Drummond screened so well last night – drinks on Curry !

  29. The older Harden gets, the more he'll look like the late Kimbo Slice.

    …And now you can't unsee it.

  30. When it's all said and done, KD will easily be Top 10 all time. Man is a walking bucket. Possibly the most talented scorer, ever.

  31. James Harden only shows up to Strip Clubs 😂😂😂😂 wait a minute, where is Stephen A Smith 🤔🤔🤔

  32. I want kd and Kyrie health in playoffs not giving up on harden their was a good game for all 76ers player we going to watch the tape and learn form out mistakes trust me 76ers all the way this year

  33. He is what he is at this point. No heart or passion for winning

  34. the sixers are just harden and embid trying to draw a foul on every single play. its awful to watch

  35. Somebody tell Zach Lowe to fire his barber for that look 😂😆🤣😄😅

  36. Love seeing that type of fire from KD. He knows he’s the best in the league, he just gotta let everyone else know it as well.

  37. KD had Ben's back more in 1 game than Embiid ever did in 4 years.

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