Royals vs. Orioles Game Highlights (6/09/23) | MLB Highlights -

Royals vs. Orioles Game Highlights (6/09/23) | MLB Highlights

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Royals vs. Orioles full game highlights from 6/09/23
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  1. The key in B-more's success is confidence! Each player knows their abilities and strengths, while having fun.

  2. Only people that didn’t come from TikTok can like this comment!

  3. Best pitching outing I’ve seen since April.

  4. This was a pretty good outing by Tyler Wells. Hicks man… such a good pick-up so far.

  5. ❤ Me encantó este video juego de béisbol lo disfruté

  6. Royals might give a’s a run for their money for last place

  7. Mateo and Henderson showing up together in a game to win big W

  8. Must be tough playing the Royals. What a joke

  9. Also if u throw a wild pitch and then it goes out of play that should get the 2nd run in, you're advancing on the wild pitch and THEN ot goes out of play. That should be another base for every runner that went on the wild pitch. Period.

  10. Austin Hays and the Baltimore Orioles wins the first ballgame over Bobby Witt Jr and the Kansas City Royals ⚾⚫🟠

  11. Those black uniforms are embarrassingly hideous.

  12. They are looking so connect to their city wow

  13. The Baltimore Orioles are 39-24⚫️🟠⚪️🐧

  14. did the umps pitch counter break?? haven’t seen that in a while

  15. As long as the O’s starting pitching holds up they’ll be in this and what’s scary is that they can get even better when Cowser & Kjerstad get called up,with both of them almost ready to make the jump

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