Sakura School Simulator Gameplay - Valentine's Day Date?!! -

Sakura School Simulator Gameplay – Valentine’s Day Date?!!

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Sakura School Simulator Gameplay – Valentine’s Day Date?!!

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  4. Go to a room in Cherry's house and there is money you will buy a love potion

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  6. Your videos is making me laugh so hard😅😅😅

  7. It’s so funny when you said I don’t want to ride on the sloth it’s so boring😂

  8. Sophie can you play Sakura school simulator game pregnant woman please 🥺

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  13. Sophia I told money from all the villages and the black cock I don't mean the cock I mean the black I mean the black man I told money and kill everyone in the simulator

  14. Hey in super bear Adventure is a new update and I got the purple bear at the update hive and now I'm trying to get the Dust

  15. I have so many shorts that I don't know how much are there

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