Save One, Drop One | K-Pop game [impossible for multistans 🎵 | ultra difficult mix edition🔊] -

Save One, Drop One | K-Pop game [impossible for multistans 🎵 | ultra difficult mix edition🔊]

Hi! I’m a fan :3
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~ It will go on for 34 rounds 🙂


The voice at the beginning of the video 🔊
Kiera R | @bunnys_voice

Backgroundmusic 🎶
(FREE) Happy Funk Type Beat – “Idol” (Prod. BigBadBeats)


🎧Artists, Groups included🔊:

🎶Songs included🎶:
(G)I-DLE – Never Stop Me
2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.
aespa – Salty & Sweet
AOA – Heart Attack
ASTRO – Candy Sugar Pop
BEAST – Beautiful Night
Billlie – RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)
BTS – Spring Day
CHUNGHA – Sparkling
cignature – Smooth Sailing
CRAVITY – Groovy
DOYOUNG – Here with me
Dreamcatcher – Red Sun
Dreamcatcher – Shadow
DreamNote – GHOST
EDEN – Suffering for Love
ENHYPEN – Given-Taken
fromis_9 – DM
fromis_9 – WE GO
GIRL’S DAY – Something
Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG – Lil’ Touch
GOT7 – If You Do
GOT7 – You Calling My Name
HYUNA – Bubble Pop!
I.O.I – Very Very Very
IZ*ONE – La Vie en Rose
KAI – Peaches
Kep1er – MVSK
Kep1er – Up!
KEY ft. Taeyeon – Hate that…
KINGDOM – Excalibur
LE SSERAFIM – No-Return (Into the unknown)
League of Legends X NewJeans – GODS
miss A – Hush
NATURE – Girls
ONEUS – Unforgettable
PENTAGON – Feelin’ Like
PURPLE KISS – FireFlower
PURPLE KISS – Sweet Juice
Red Velvet – Psycho
Red Velvet – Russian Roulette
SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry
SEVENTEEN – Rock with you
SF9 – Summer Breeze
SHINee – Sherlock
Stray Kids – Get Cool
Tomorrow X Together ft. Anitta – Back for More
tripleS EVOLution – Invincible
TWICE – Talk that Talk
Wanna One – Energetic


  1. I'm just noticing it now, but something went wrong with the background that makes it look really weird, sorry about thatedit: Okay, now it doesn't look so strange anymore, maybe it just looked strange in the stream, feel free to give feedback on how it is for you xDdouble edit – now I see it again, oh I'm going crazy.-.

  2. 1.) Bigbang – Loser (Hard decision, but not because I like both songs and groups, but because the opposite is the case. I chose Bigbang because I actually listened to Loser several times and with BTS I never consciously listened to a song.)
    2.) Hyuna – Bubble Pop (The decision is just as difficult as before, for the same reason as before.)
    3.) I definitely cannot make a decision here. Heard both songs once and then never again.
    4.) Irene & Seulgi (I still listen to this song.)
    5.) Punch X Chanyeol – Stay With Me ( The reason I listen to this song is because I like the female voice in it.)
    6.) Twice – Likey
    7.) I definitely cannot make a decision here. Heard both songs once and then never again.
    8.) Iz*One – La Vie En Rose
    9.) Twice – Talk That Talk
    10.) Mamamoo – Hip (Not easy, but I just like the four of them's voices.)
    11.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    12.) DreamNote – Ghost
    13.) Kingdom – Excalibur (Kingdom is one of the few boy groups where I actually listen to the songs.)
    14.) No, under no circumstances will I decide here.
    15.) Key ft. Taeyeon – Hate that…
    16.) No, under no circumstances will I decide here.
    17.) I definitely cannot make a decision here. Heard both songs once and then never again.
    18.) fromis_9 – We Go
    19.) I definitely cannot make a decision here. Because I don't like both songs.
    20.) Nature – Girls
    21.) I definitely cannot make a decision here. Because I don't like both songs.
    22.) Le SSerafim – No-Return (Into the Unknown)
    23.) Astro – Candy Sugar Pop ( One of very few boy group songs that I have listened to often.)
    24.) Taeyeon – INVU
    25.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    26.) Miss A – Hush
    27.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    28.) fromis_9 – DM
    29.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    30.) PurpleKiss Fire Flower
    31.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    32.) Red Velvet – Russian Roulette
    33.) I definitely cannot make a decision here.
    34.) Billlie – RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)

    You can see quite clearly that I have next to nothing to do with boy groups.

  3. saving:
    1. spring day
    2. bubble pop
    3. call me baby
    4. monster
    5. stay with me
    6. likey
    7. don't wanna cry
    8. very very very
    9. back for more
    10. hip
    11. you calling my name
    12. ghost
    13. wonderland
    14. psycho
    15. peaches
    16. gods
    17. energetic
    18. up!
    19. a.d.t.o.y
    20. girls
    21. unforgettable
    22. i want
    23. candy sugar pop
    24. invu
    25. suffering for love
    26. something
    27. the black nero
    28. smooth sailing
    29. fellin' like
    30. mvsk
    31. under cover
    32. russian roulette
    33. get cool
    34. never stop me

  4. 1. Bigbang – Loser (Both songs seem pretty great, but I just like how the production sounds more on Loser)

    2. Hyuna – Bubble Pop (Both of these songs are a good time. I really really love the saxophone line in Up & Down, but on the whole I think I prefer Bubble Pop. It’s great.)

    3. GOT7 – If You Do (I was confused for a minute which one was which, but I figured it out and I prefer the GOT7 song.)

    4. Dreamcatcher – Red Sun (I like Monster fine enough, but I’m not dropping Dreamcatcher for it.)

    5. Punch & Chanyeol – Stay With Me (Both songs seem pretty OK. I’m gonna drop Monsta X because old habits die hard.)

    6. Twice – Likey (Yeah, this one wasn’t close. It’s Likey! That is a top tier Twice title track and I am not dropping it.)

    7. iKON – Love Scenario (I feel like it is not very often that a Seventeen song just gets completely dominated, but this one was not close. I don’t really like how Don’t Wanna Cry sounds, and Love Scenario is just a great song!)

    8. IZ*ONE – La Vie En Rose (La Vie En Rose is easily my favorite IZ*ONE song. It is quite good. Very Very Very is just kinda annoying. This one is not very close. Not often that IZ*ONE wins in a landslide for me.)

    9. Twice – Talk That Talk (Yeah, I’m picking Twice. Talk That Talk isn’t even one of my very favorite titles from them, but it’s the obvious easy choice.)

    10. Mamamoo – HIP (This is an easy choice, but it is also a painful choice. Shut Down is such a great song and I hate to drop it, but HIP is my 2nd favorite Kpop song and I would only drop it for literally 1 song in existence.)

    11. GOT7 – You Calling My Name (I’m feeling the GOT7 here. I really like how it sounds.)

    12. DreamNote – Ghost (I was legitimately terrified that you were going to get me to drop Ghost, but I had nothing to fear. You may have used Dreamcatcher, but you didn’t use a Dreamcatcher song I like lol And even so, it would take a top tier Dreamcatcher song to beat Ghost. It is one of the best Kpop songs.)

    13. Kingdom – Excalibur (Kingdom are my boys and I am not dropping them. Luckily they also have the better song here.)

    14. Red Velvet – Psycho (Why? Why must you be like this? Why do you insist upon forcing me to drop Purple Kiss? I don’t want to drop Purple Kiss. They are the best and I love them. But like, I’m not going to sit here and tell you Sweet Juice is better than Psycho. It isn’t. It isn’t even close. I’m just very unhappy that you have forced me to drop Purple Kiss. You did this on purpose and I feel very attacked.)

    15. Key ft. Taeyeon – Hate that… (Yeah, this one is not close at all. Peaches is okay, but like, not even close to the level of Hate that… Not even close.)

    16. Aespa – Salty & Sweet (Why couldn’t you match Purple Kiss with one of these songs? They would destroy both of them! I haven’t listened through GODS yet, it seems ok, but I just don’t feel the need to save a NewJeans song. Salty & Sweet is fine. There are better Aespa songs, and there are worse Aespa songs.)

    17. Wanna One – Energetic (I mean, I didn’t even have to think twice about this one. It’s obviously Energetic. Like, come on. Energetic is so good!)

    18. Fromis_9 – We Go (jdeiqfoaefeihfasdmkfqwjifejwfnendjafkjnfdseiworcxnmdf NO!! NO NO NO!!! Not cool!!! Why? NO! How am I supposed to pick between these two? I don’t want to drop either of them!! This is one of the hardest decisions you’ve ever put in one of your videos. I cannot with this. This choice is equally difficult and painful. I love both songs so much. When it really comes down to it though, I think I have to keep We Go. Up! is amazing, but I think We Go is just a tiny bit better.)

    19. Bigbang – Lies (I don’t like how either of these songs sound very much. But I like the 2PM song less, so I’m saving Lies)

    20. Nature – Girls (This is a solid matchup, but I’m very glad that you made it easy for me to pick Nature. Invincible is one of my least favorite TripleS title tracks. This would be much more difficult if it was Generation or Girls’ Capitalism. I’m happy dropping Invincible to keep Nature though. Also, Girls is probably the best Nature song. It’s great.)

    21. Oneus – Unforgettable (For a matchup of boy group songs, this is a weirdly difficult choice. Both songs are really good and I like them. The tiebreaker though is that Oneus is an RBW group and I’m a sucker for RBW lol)

    22. Le Sserafim – No Return (Easy choice. Keeping the Le Sserafim song. It’s good.)

    23. Cravity – Groovy (This is a really good matchup, but I have to pick Groovy. It’s such a great song! Possibly my favorite boy group song of the year.)

    24. Oh!-GG – Lil’ Touch (INVU is great, but I think it’s actually a bit overrated. I’m gonna pick Lil’ Touch. I really like how it sounds.)

    25. Eden – Suffering for Love (Both of these songs sound pretty amazing, but Suffering for Love really blows me away. It’s just an incredible sounding song.)

    26. Miss A – Hush (This is a great matchup, but also a really easy choice. Something focuses too much on being sexy and not enough on being a good song. Hush is a good song on top of being sexy. It’s an all-time great song.)

    27. AB6IX – Loser (The Black Cat Nero is an amazing song title and I wish I could pick it, but it’s not the song I like more. Loser is just an amazing sounding song.)

    28. Fromis_9 – DM (I legitimately almost threw my headphones across the room. I am even more mad about this matchup than I was about the last Fromis_9 matchup. You show me Cignature’s Smooth Sailing and I’m like “yes! An opportunity to pick Cignature! I love them so much! I never get to pick them and they deserve all the love in the world!” And then you’re like, oh yeah, they are matched up against DM. Really? Why are you like this? Why must you do this to me? This isn’t even the video you made specifically to torture me! Why are you doing this? Making me drop Purple Kiss and Cignature in the same video is just not okay. I’m sorry Cignature! It’s not my fault!!)

    29. Pentagon – Feelin’ Like (Both of these songs are good! I think I prefer Feelin’ Like just a little more, but it’s close.)

    30. Purple Kiss – FireFlower (FireFlower is one of my least favorite Purple Kiss songs. Probably bottom 3. It’s not bad. Bad Purple Kiss songs don’t exist, but I like almost every Purki song more than FireFlower. That being said, Mvsk is a very weird case. I love Mvsk, but only the Brave Girls version of it lol The Kep1er version is fine, but not nearly as good as the Brave Girls version. Mvsk is probably the better song, but I’m not dropping Purple Kiss twice in one video, and I can justify dropping Mvsk. Understand though, that I am very unhappy that you have set me up to either drop Purki or Kep1er.)

    31. ACE – Undercover (Give me those electric guitars all day.)

    32. Red Velvet – Russian Roulette (Why? What possessed you to match up these two songs? What is the through line? They are both great and I love them both. I hate dropping Sparkling, but Russian Roulette is my 2nd favorite RV title track, only behind Psycho. It’s an insanely great song. Let me say again though, that dropping Sparkling is very painful.)

    33. SF9 – Summer Breeze (I’m not a fan of how Get Cool sounds. Summer Breeze is perfectly fine, so I’ll keep it.)

    34. Billlie – Ring ma Bell (WHY? I don’t want to drop Never Stop Me, but you forced me to. Ring ma Bell is too good. But Never Stop Me is amazing and great! I don’t wanna drop it but I have to. I do not like this. You put in one (G)I-DLE song and force me to drop it. Not cool. All that being said, Ring ma Bell is amazing and I love it a lot.)

    Apologies for some of my extreme responses to these matchups. This video is great and I enjoyed it. It also felt like a warmup for your video targeted at torturing me. Some of these matchups were just brutally difficult. Keep up the great work!!

  5. 1. Spring Day
    2. Up & Down
    3. Call Me Baby
    4. Red Sun
    5. Find You
    6. Heart Attack
    7. Don’t Wanna Cry
    8. La Vie en Rose
    9. Back for More
    10. Hip
    11. You Calling My Name
    12. Shadow
    13. Wonderland
    14. Sweet Juice
    15. Peaches
    16. Gods
    17. Energetic
    18. We Go
    19. Lies
    20. Invincible
    21. Rock with You
    22. I Want
    23. Candy Sugar Pop
    24. INVU
    25. Here with Me
    26. Something
    27. The Black Cat Nero
    28. DM
    29. Move
    30. MVSK
    31. Sherlock
    32. Russian Roulette
    33. Summer Breeze
    34. Never Stop Me

  6. 1. Spring day – BTS (I like Loser by BigBang but i will choose Spring day by BTS)
    2. Up & down – Exid (Bubble pop is ok but i will choose Up&down, I like Hyuna but this song isn't my favorite)
    3. If you do – GOT7 (i like this song, is very good, by the way you reversed the writing)
    4. Monster – Irene X Seulgi (I love this song, is very very very good, i'm sorry Dreamcatcher, i like Red sun but Monster is better)
    5. Slay with me – Punch X Chanyeol (Two sad song)
    6. Heart Attack – AOA ❤ (I love AOA, it is one of my favorite groups, i like Twice but Likey isn't my favorite Twice song)
    7. Don't wanna cry – Seventeen (Love scenario isn't my favorite Ikon song)
    8. Very Very Very – I.O.I (Sorry but i don't like La vie en rose, I like Iz*one but i don't like this song)
    9. Talk and that (Back for more isn't my favorite TXT song)
    10. Hip – Mamamoo ( Both is good but i will choose Hip)
    11. Both (WHY? WHY? WHY? I LOVE GIVEN-TAKEN AND CALLING MY NAME, i can't choose)
    12. Ghost – DreamNote ( I'm sorry Dreamcatcher)
    13. Wonderland – Ateez (That was easy)
    14. Sweet juice – Purple kiss (Why? I don't know 😂😂, sorry, i like Red Velvet)
    15. Hate that – Key (It is good song)
    16. Gods – League of Legends X Newjeans (It is very good song)
    18. Up! – Kep1er (Rainbowww 😅, Not one of them is a song that I like very much)
    19. A.D.T.O.Y – 2PM ❤❤(It is my favorite 2pm song)
    20. Girls – Nature ❤ (I like Girls it reminds me of a Korean horror movie)
    21. Rock with you – Seventeen (I like this song)
    22. Not return – Le Sserafim (I want by IVE is ok)
    23. Candy sugar pop – Astro (It is good)
    24. Lil Touch – Girls' Generation-Oh!GG ❤❤ (I love this song)
    25. Suffering for love – Eden (i like it)
    26. Hush – Miss A (This song is a legend )
    27. The black cat nero – Ateez (Perfect song for Halloween)
    28. DM – Fromis_9 (I'm not a big fan of Fromis9 but some songs are good)
    29. Move – Treasure ( Treasure is not my favorite group but this song is good)
    30. Fire Flower – Purple Kiss ( Purple kiss is a good group and should be supported more)
    31. Sherlock – Shinee (Omg it's so hard, i like Under cover but i will choose Sherlock)
    32. Russian Roulette – Red Velvet (Chungha have good song but Sparkiling is not not one of them in my opinion)
    33. Summer breeze – Sf9 (Sf9 is a group with good songs that is not supported enough)
    34. Never stop me – (G)idle (Not bad)

  7. “Loser”
    “Up & Down”
    “Call Me Baby”
    “Find You”
    “Heart Attack”
    “Don’t Wanna Cry”
    “Very Very Very”
    “Talk That Talk”
    “You Calling My Name”
    “Hate That”
    “Rock With You”
    “I Want”
    “Candy Sugar Pop”
    “Lil Touch”
    “Suffering For Love”
    “Something “
    “Feelin’ Like”
    “Russian Roulette”
    “Summer Breeze”
    “Ring Ma Bell”

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