Secret Brain inside Michael Myers FunkoPop 🧠 #shorts -

Secret Brain inside Michael Myers FunkoPop 🧠 #shorts

Jake Sweet
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  1. First of all fake every time I get a new Funko Pop my friend shakes it second why would you waste your Funko Pop for plastic brain

  2. You guys these videos are fake they just cut up the Funko pop said put something in there cut the clip and then cut up in the head. These are all fake videos so don’t go around clean up your Funko pop said to see if there’s actually something in there cause I’ll be nothing in there.

  3. Wtf bro these trends are wired asf your play and collecting dolls

  4. There's something in his sleeve that's what the shaking is

  5. It is fake stop thinking that plssssss
    Guest a wast of money

  6. It turns out inside it. There is actually just a loose piece of plastic roll messed up.


  8. Stop breaking up open your wasting people's money

  9. This guy is as cringe as the other people who do this

  10. Autumn reaction to stitch being killed :
    Why would you do that what has the stitch ever done to you 😭😭😭 and your faking it to get views 😭😭😭

  11. guys dont cut open your pops!! it isnt real!!!! if you cut your pop you will lose a ton of value!!!!!!

  12. This is a joke I tried that once nothing 😔😭 nothing you put something inside their now let me show proof glued the head 🤬 back on

  13. Don't ruin your Funko Pops! There's nothing in their head!

  14. You can do it but do not do sketch. If you do stitch out delike please do not do stitch

  15. It's fake, don't kill your funko pop

  16. I'm going to tell you the truth they're just putting them inside and then you're sticking them on show these videos shouldn't have likes

  17. there is only a small piece of plastic (its fake)

  18. Je veux le stitch pop euchene labiche 41300 salbris

  19. Fake they are just doing that for veiws

  20. Camera Man:
    “How fake do you want this to be?”


  21. I would love to have the stitch funkopop

  22. Stop wasting money by buying it and then destroying it


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