Secret Brain inside Michael Myers FunkoPop 🧠 #shorts -

Secret Brain inside Michael Myers FunkoPop 🧠 #shorts

Jake Sweet
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  1. This is a joke I tried that once nothing 😔😭 nothing you put something inside their now let me show proof glued the head 🤬 back on

  2. Don't ruin your Funko Pops! There's nothing in their head!

  3. You can do it but do not do sketch. If you do stitch out delike please do not do stitch

  4. It's fake, don't kill your funko pop

  5. I'm going to tell you the truth they're just putting them inside and then you're sticking them on show these videos shouldn't have likes

  6. there is only a small piece of plastic (its fake)

  7. Je veux le stitch pop euchene labiche 41300 salbris

  8. Fake they are just doing that for veiws

  9. Camera Man:
    “How fake do you want this to be?”


  10. I would love to have the stitch funkopop

  11. Stop wasting money by buying it and then destroying it


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