Skibidi Bop Yes x Gummy Bear But Its VRCHAT -

Skibidi Bop Yes x Gummy Bear But Its VRCHAT

VR Lolathon
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  1. hi Lolathon i sent you a friend request in vrchat I´m neontech 3dad btw can you pwease accept it pweeeeeeeeeease

  2. I am SO overjoyed to see the man I look up to, and aspire to be more like within VR, back entertaining the community! You were the reason I original got into VRChat, and now I'm a decent part of the community. I just want to thank you, for everything you do, everything you are, and all we hope to see in the future.

  3. Content is amazing as always :3 never fails to make others smile 🙂

  4. bro i was actually vibn to the gummython song

  5. This is a long-wanted return. Hope its for a while lola!

  6. Man I missed these. Good to see you back, Lola!

  7. I'd love to know where I could find those jumpscare avatar you use. I'd be using those so often.

  8. 😆It's good to have you back Lolathon. We've missed your content. Here's to another year of VR antics from Lolathon.

  9. You hear a distant scream: 😳
    You realize Lolathon is in the lobby: 😐

  10. Lolathon are you cutting some parts in old videos out? Or is it YouTube?

  11. The gummie lolithon song needs to be a music video so I can listen to it on repeat 😊😊😊

  12. I'll just say Toilets and some of you will get flashbacks from a certain SFM channel

  13. YouTube screwed up the notification that I didn't not been notified to my device from his channel

  14. I died when I saw that FNAF part. I haven't laughed this hard in months! XD

  15. "audio has been cahgned due to copyright reasons"

  16. im swedish. and that fucken Raw Swedish "Å…Nej" the moment karamelldansen played hit me harder than a isekai truck kun

  17. whos the blue haired chick that "jiggle jiggled"

  18. Ohh man.. Is been a year and u came back and me too. it's feels like the yesterday. Anyway if you're gonna post every wee, that's dope tho. Welcome back. i missss your stream Hahaha.

  19. Not heard the gummy bear in years lol 😂 I was quite young when it first came out 13 or 12 I think

  20. What is the name of the music at 11:00. IT would be relaxing while sleeping.

  21. Welcome back Lolathon, great to see you back in action mate!

  22. "Was there acid in that ball?"

    Yes, but it was THAT acid, it was the other kind! I swear!

  23. Holy fuck this dude is back. I've literally started to play vrchat because of this man and nit even in hopes of meeting him but just because the game looks fun. I've met so many fun people along the way and enjoyed most of the community. May we meet someday

  24. Very focused on their ass in this one. No blame tho

  25. We need full version of the song I am Lolathon !! 😍

  26. 11:56 I think I speak for every Sweed on the internet when I say this song has given some sort of bad memory. “Å nej” sums up it pretty well.

  27. No…really ? You get a ''copyright warning'' on the Gummy Bear or it's a joke ?

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