Snap, Crackle, Pop -

Snap, Crackle, Pop

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A great active game for large or small groups!

Some safety advice: be aware of your floor! Grass stains outside, or rug burns inside can happen!

Also be careful kids don’t bonk heads in the middle of the circle!


  1. You could very easily scale this up with multiple foot bridges! You'd just need an odd number of people on each team

  2. love your ministry! keep up with the videos! 😀

  3. Latinoamerica los necesita subtitulados, bendiciones

  4. Thank you so much for this game. My 4th graders loved playing this as a brain break!!!

  5. Las reglas del juego son: hacer equipos de 3 personas, que cada persona elija a que nombre responderá (snap, crackle, pop), cuando el director pronuncie por ejemplo crackle, el integrante de cada equipo que haya elegido ese nombre debe correr hacia cualquier tunel de otro equipo y luego tomar el T-rex.
    DIOS les bendiga.

  6. Costa Rica youth group played your game and they had the best time! You will be my go to site for future game nights! Thank you greatly for sharing your awesome ideas, please keep them coming!

  7. very nice game, thank you for sharing….

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