Sorry, But I LIKE This Keyboard! - Logitech POP Keys -

Sorry, But I LIKE This Keyboard! – Logitech POP Keys

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Plouffe is someone you typically see using a highly customized keyboard, but it must be unique when you see him excited for something mainstream. The Logitech POP Keyboard and mouse are reasonably attractive in general but valuable for specific use cases.

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  1. I clicked this video thinking it was Linus.

  2. Tech Haptics - Hear and Feel Hardware says:

    Hey there, we checked out the mouse from a "haptic" point of view. How does the product feel like: cheap or premium? How do buttons and scrollwheel sound? Check it out!

  3. try also xiaomi's Lofree mechanical keyboard

  4. "Okay price" at a 140. WELP. I legit got a keyboard and mouse for half the price and I thought that was steep

  5. Srsly who still keeps user manuals of his devices, you can find pretty much everything online 😉

  6. If the color way options weren't stupid, I'd think it's the perfect wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboards that are rechargeable are easily some of the dumbest design choices that a company could have. So Logitech using replaceable 3yr~ batteries is definitely attractive. It's just… the colors guys what the actual hell?

  7. Honestly who even asked for this… It seems like a product with zero demand.

  8. Is it just me or does Linus look a bit…different in this one?

  9. is this a a Linus cosplay or something?

  10. jokes aside, try a different hat to get a different silhouette so people can recognise which fighter i mean employee is presenting

  11. This has made me realise I can set one of my G910's macro keys to the emoji input thingie. Also… I like my Romer Gs 😢

  12. actually getting one of these deadass. i like that it's small because my current razer keyboard takes up a LOT of my desk space. i also did a quick type test on one of these at my local best buy and i like that the keys bottom out fluidly and quietly (my razer keyboard clicks about halfway before the key bottoms out which feels weird and sounds rattle-y and loud, and that's how it's always been since i got it brand new), and i like that the emoji keys can be assigned to do pretty much anything, so i won't be missing out on the shortcut buttons i like on my razer (the volume up, volume down, wheel is useful so i can carry that over into keys, and it'll be nice to have 2 other keys i can assign to other functions as well). i shall call it the keydrill (because the colour scheme matches the pokémon 'beedrill')

  13. Only if it was full size, I would have bought it in a sec. I'm sucker for yellow&black schemes.

  14. I really dont like this guy idk why but been skipping his videos first ltt employee i find annoying

  15. I had to double check that i clicked on the right video once i heard his voice 😂

  16. I tried this keyboard at Best Buy a few days ago and didn't dig the "feel". Looks somewhat neat and I'm sure some will like it but I just couldn't do it.

  17. Ok. I'm at 1:19 of the video. I played Overwatch before this and when I saw the emoji keys, I immidiatly thought it'd be cool to map this buttons for emotes and interactions.
    Maybe its a dumb idea, but I don't know… I thought it would be cool

  18. I have the Logitech K600 with this new key design. Quite horrendous to type on. But somewhat okay-ish for a TV keyboard

  19. why people be hating on the romer G's? i love the switches

  20. I like the look of the yellow one. But since its bluetooth i think it should have a tablet holder or something like the k480/780

  21. got one for my mother at a discount, paid one for like 60 bucks, she's really happy with it, and it represents a decent value there. 100 bucks though? eeeeh I wouldn't have paid that much for that. I had hopes I could mod it a little bit but it's very difficult to do anything to that keyboard actually

  22. Buy from epomaker keychron or drop for hotswap at the same price point

  23. Hey guys QUESTION : I have this keyboard and have no idea how to make text bold or italic underline on it. Cannot figure it out for the life of me can someone help

  24. "unless I'm texting my girlfriend" 😂😂🤣🤣

  25. is the mouse mulit-device capable like the keyboard?

  26. subtle relationship flex dropped after emojos were mentioned

  27. so this is a shanzhai of a shanzhai aiiiiii, 'bu ai' actually

  28. amogus sussy imposter sussy boy amogus baka says:

    linus thiccc

  29. The Escape button for mine (I got daydream) is very shiny my one is Purple

  30. Is anyone else getting midroll ads on sponsored videos?

  31. I love the silent click on the mouse. I love it so much I bought a second one because I misplaced my other one even though I have 3 other mice lying around

  32. Logi shot themselves in the foot with this… Make a quiet mouse with a noisy keyboard which doesn't quite go for office as a set and won't be good for a any gamer, any day… This is just a good gift idea for your Dad's desktop computer which will look great as part of the furniture… oh yeah if Dad was doing the wild monkey dance with your Mom in the 60's… so yeah. Next!

  33. I've tried one of these in store, and the circular keycaps are HORRIBLE, both in look and feel.

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