Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT -

Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT

Double Jump Video Games
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Today we have a super weird lady try to shoplift, then when she gets caught, she starts saying she wasn’t going to steal the items, and babbles some nonsense. We swap the break room with the console storage area, and we add half of my Sega Saturn collection to the store’s inventory! Plus Cooper reveals some great end of the month statistics for Double Jump Video Games!

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Adam’s New Switch Game:(1:18)
Dowinx Sponsorship:(2:07)
Staff Picks:(2:59)
Trade Ins:(4:11)
Weird Customer Reenactment:(9:06)
New Break Room:(11:01)
Sega Saturn Collection:(13:22)
Sales Increase:(15:21)
Question of the Day / Outtro:(16:39)


  1. Not my collection, but my fiance collects sheep related items. We have hundreds of sheep in our office.

  2. My collection, other than video games, blu-ray movies (any genre). Loving your videos!

  3. "Do you expect these kids to just be robots?!" – did she actually say that, lmao 🤣

  4. Yikes, I collect lots of things, anything pokemon related like cards and video games, shoes, wrestling action figures, vinyls,star wars stuff, legos, and lots of toys. I also have a massive dvd/bluray/cd collection.

  5. Other then games, I collect DVDs/Blu-ray and Disney’s stuff and chihuahua stuff too lol

  6. Outside of Retro games, I collect high fashion/designer clothing and sneakers and recently started collecting Manga.

  7. I collect Blu-ray movies & pop culture figures/statues

  8. I love Pikmin on the Gamecube.

    My wife likes to collect 3D puzzles and CDs. I collect Nintendo Power magazines, plushies, movies, and sports cards. Video games is my main focus of collecting though.

  9. I collect key chains from all over the US and international

  10. Other than video games I collect 80s and 90s toys, records, vintage rock tshirts, used panties from every girl I hook up with, and vintage watches.

  11. I got a bunch of clothes I collect .. a lot of shoes but mostly vans and all video game related ones or Simpson’s , same with any clothes collaboration I always end up getting video game related ones from vans and Levi’s or pink dolphin

  12. I had this happen to me before I was just walking by while my mananger was dealing with an irite customer and they were like oh you can't handel a little old man you have to call all these other people. Mind you its at customer service during a busy time of day their are gonna be alot of workers coming in and out.

  13. The changes to the vlogs are coming along so well! Keep up the great work!

    Besides video games I personally collect anime movies (VHS, DVD, and Blu Ray), Funko Pops, Manga, and very lightly collect trading cards.

  14. 16:55 I have me a small record collection its mostly from what my dad had after he passed but it exist and Im glad to have it.

  15. I personally collect Pokémon cards and yugioh cards then now my addiction is on funko sodas -.- so many to collect

  16. Nice work and goods boss did a great shipment job! Getting the goods to the pockets! Love it! Pokemom and gamecube always brings in the bread! Them gold cards were wild! Going to pick up Bloodroots! Adam always knows the good stuff! And woo congrats boss that chair is legit thanks for being honest about it your and Adam's hustle is paying off!

    Good staff pick boss Pitman looks like something that I need just gotta scrap money for a gamecube now. Had to sell mine not too long ago for certain reason but have to get it back to play Pikman now. Love my alien stuff boss! You and Adams knowledge on gaming is amazing! Learning so much especially from Adam.

    And haha you are a great actor that must have been a world situation boss the towal. It's very true you gotta look out for the kids! Adam strikes again!! Another classic segment had to watch it twice break room is fire! Ramen noodles are some of my favorite! Adam doing an amazing job as always hope you take note boss he is one of the best workers I have ever seen!

    All good boss gotta rest up still did a great job showing them Saturn games! Killing it as always making that cash legit! That last game will bring in the bread for sure nice one! Your growth is amazing your empire is amazing and your hustle is on another level!

    I only collect some cans and wwe figures boss. Don't have that hustle like you and Adam to collect games boss. But learning slowly from both of you will get there someday. Enjoy the hustle have loyalty and have respect boss. We will see you for another grind tomorrow boss! Shout out to Abby as well lucky to have a woman like her! AllinAdam!

  17. I collect 4k blu rays & figure wise only Digimon figures.

  18. That’s crazy. Wow she didn’t pay tax for those sodas.

  19. Nice touch with staff pick just needs a metal intro. Besides collecting games I collect music, mainly CDs. Over 900 CDs to date. Mostly metal and extreme metal. Music is a bigger deal to me than videogames. New to me band but old school check out Damaged song Nails, that is the only one I have heard but it is so good. Sorry got side tracked. Really enjoying the new style vlogs.

  20. Video game vinyl and cassettes also sofubi.

  21. Sup guys. Cooper always nails it as the jerk customer. I used to collect comics. Still have most that I picked up years ago, but I haven't added to it. I also collect movies.

  22. Nice PG-13 VLOG!! Cooper should get an Oscar!!! Anyway I do collect POP figures not a lot I have Maybe 80 of Characters that I like……👍🏼👍🏼

  23. I collect anime only DVDs blue ray VCR video tapes figpins pops and posters lol

  24. Lol cooper's acting 10/10. Finally got a Karen encounter🤣🤣🤣

  25. outside of video games i collect anime dvds/ blu rays. think got about 3800 games and anime probably over 1000 different titles? anime takes so much room when its 6-8 dvd volumes in a box set. i would collect manga as well but both collections have gotten too massive so i have no room to spare for a 3rd collection. sucks when i find a nice manga set for cheap. I'll buy the manga but only to sell. sad when it sells fast and i don't get a chance to read them but the money helps lol

  26. 11:27 "You're probably wondering why I asked you to come here tonight."
    16:53 I collect primarily action figures (articulated, and Funko), as well as anime (largely, obscure VHS), manga, plushies, posters, novels, comic books, Harry Potter wands, Magazines (Wizard and Toy Fare).

  27. If I didnt know cooper from double jump i would think he was a thug lol sorry but if i saw you walking down the street i would be scared you should beat up the bad customers

  28. Outside video games, I collect Military Medals. Majority of my collection is from The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. (Which are actually my great grandfathers who was in the Yugoslav Partisans from 1941 to 1945. S.F. R. Yugoslavia was where my family and I were originally from but if you know about the 1990s, Communism fell and while the change was peaceful…others were not like in Yugoslavia which broke apart in 1991 and war(s) broke out from 1991 to 1999/2001. I came to the United States and the rest was history. My first game system we owned was the N64, But we also had the NES, SNES as well.

    Other medals also include the Soviet Union (Mostly medals awarded for fighting in WW2) which look really cool.

  29. Who played the lady in the Customer interaction??

  30. I collect body parts and body part accessories

  31. can you start the next video with What up Robots in honor of that lady?

  32. I collect games but only the ones I play. Also collect figures, coins and firearms

  33. Haha so you had Karen in your store…love part where you go over all the trade-ins it's a quick way to learn game comps fast.

  34. Been collecting vintage computers forever now.

  35. Oh my God! Hahaha. The additon to the customer reenactments are priceless. Keep up the good work peepz!

  36. Great looking chair! Shoplifting act was very real. I think that I mainly collect games, but there can be random very small comic, book and anime DVD collection..

  37. Dude I'm so pumped. Been waiting to find a copy of Winning Post for months. I almost had a panic attack when I saw it on your video. Crossed my fingers, jumped onto your store, and hit the buy button on the quick. Love your store.

  38. I collect Dnd books, MTG Cards, Plushies. That customer reenactment was hilarious. People are so weird.

  39. Seems like a great crew you have!! The changes are awesome!!

  40. I collect Cassette tapes mainly rap and metal

  41. Collecting Other than Video Games? VW's and VW toys.

  42. I collect game used nfl jerseys from my favorite nfl team- the Seahawks. It’s more expensive as a hobby so I choose very carefully which items I buy.

  43. i collect pokemon promo cards and jumbo cards

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