Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT -

Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT

Double Jump Video Games
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Today we have a super weird lady try to shoplift, then when she gets caught, she starts saying she wasn’t going to steal the items, and babbles some nonsense. We swap the break room with the console storage area, and we add half of my Sega Saturn collection to the store’s inventory! Plus Cooper reveals some great end of the month statistics for Double Jump Video Games!

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Adam’s New Switch Game:(1:18)
Dowinx Sponsorship:(2:07)
Staff Picks:(2:59)
Trade Ins:(4:11)
Weird Customer Reenactment:(9:06)
New Break Room:(11:01)
Sega Saturn Collection:(13:22)
Sales Increase:(15:21)
Question of the Day / Outtro:(16:39)


  1. I collect bluerays i have over 1,000 of them.i love the staff picks.

  2. Still collecting sports cards, magic the gathering, and heavy metal memorabilia. Best thing I own is probably a stage used sock signed by Psycostick

  3. Been watching sending good vibes from Tampa for 3 years now. Y'all have done nothing but progress. You've chose to advance your store almost daily. I don't know any other channel that shows all that comes with running a game store, down to early morning hours. Nothing but dedication and respect. It's gotta be awesome to know you have your daily business recorded to a T. Be great to show the grandkids. I know we've all learned alot. Rock on Brother 🤘

  4. Fantastic video as always.. I've collected comics for 20 years

  5. I collect promo items and demo discs along with retro collecting, but not gaming related I actually collect soccer kits. Other than my favorite teams I'm going for a collection of all gaming related sponsors. My favorite and prize kit is the 1999 Fiorentina Shirt with Nintendo as the sponsor. There's actually quite a bit of game developers and companies that sponsored different teams – even Sonic appeared on one.

  6. Amazing video you guys, really enjoy watching them!! Love video games and collect them, but I also like collecting baseball memorabilia and baseball cards.

  7. People can be weird. Especially at a retail setting haha. Outside of video games i dabble in pokemon cards and some toys. Yall take it easy!

  8. how come the old lady looks like shop owner ?? I'm confused

  9. Not that I disliked your monologues, but I absolutely love how concise and to the point the Vlogs are now. Keep up the great work!

  10. This may sound weird, but outside of collecting games, I also collect shoes ,mostly Jordan's.

  11. Seeing Pokémon black 2 at that price is mad. I remember buying it pre-owned a while ago for about £20 and I thought I'd spent too much but now I'm thinking I got a good deal haha.

  12. Power Rangers stuff and Star wars novels are the only things I collect other than video games.

  13. The new video format is really refreshing. Great work

  14. I collect movies on Blu-ray and DVD. Probably have close to 3000. Mainly Classic Hollywood and Horror. I don't even play video games but have been watching for years. Keep up the good work!

  15. i collect watches besides video games but sadly i run out of video game money every time i buy a watch…..i may have a problem lmfao

  16. Outside on video games, I have a large vinyl collection, and have been collecting for 20 years.

  17. The effort shows, new format is great! I watch every day with my 18-month-old. One thing we collected before children was fine wine.

  18. Pretty neat to see my order during the packing process. I'm sure the Lucario plush and other 7 items were a pain to find a large enough box for.

  19. Cool chair…. other than video games, i collect magic cards and comic books

  20. People are just animals ehh. Couple things I collect – got over 500 records, particular hot wheels in the blister, off and on since 1998.

  21. My hubby and I are collecting Carddass Pokemon cards and have about 5 left to a complete set. As well, I collect Pokemon Funko and Re-Ment figures.

  22. outside of video games i collect blu ray movies no dvd at all

  23. She was going to steal, then realized she wasn't going to get away with it and was trying to cover her butt by unnecessarily arguing (a distraction) when she didn't have to say anything. Probably a paranoid meth-head. We get those almost everyday now in our store.

  24. Outside of video games I collect shoes like Jordan’s/Yeezys, blu rays, and art

  25. I own all the Resident Evil GameCube games, I’m glad value has went through the roof!

  26. You expect these kids to be robots? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 10:59

  27. Untill 15years ago i had a NES collection ( the console with rob the robot and over 150 games CIB), SNES collection ( system and 100 games CIB), Playstation 2 in box with 130games, Playstation 3 with games and 100BRD and aprox 2000dvds… I lived together with my ex and when the relationship was over she stole half of my dvds and my entire gamecollection… Now i only have SNES, ps2, ps3, xbox360 and xbox1 and 3 closets full with dvds/vhs ( 1 is filled with Jurassic Park dvds, boxsets, books… 1 closet starts with WWE Wrestlemania vhs tapes, Wrestlemania vhs and year boxes and the last closet is filled with wwe pay per vieuws dvds from 2000 – 2010 and maybe 2 shelfs from that closet is filled with horror) I also collect certain music cds ^^

  28. That customer you guys reenacted had to be a crack head lol

  29. I’m guessing selling off a decent chunk of your personal collection had a decent amount to do with better sales…which is really cool

  30. Outside video games I collect Star Trek, Toys, statues, Vinyl, Board games, beer steins, anything to do with kiss and comic books.

  31. I collect human souls…..(if anyone would like to trade me theirs, I have lots of video games to trade 😉 )

  32. Expensive Watches and Guitars/Amps/Pedals are my other areas of collecting.
    Ya gotta have something to yearn for to keep life interesting and fun.

  33. Liking the new format. Keep up the good work. Besides video games i have been collecting sports cards since early 80's and currently collect vhs, dvd's, comics, and action figures. I have one dedicated room for my collecting so its hard to limit what i have/keep.

  34. Sega saturn.. yeah that's a system I'll never get into collecting..

  35. I collect DVDs, and have well over 1000 if you’re going by the number of discs. I don’t really know what of those are considered “rare”, but I do know that Godzilla vs. Biollante had a really short print run because the rights to it are kind of convoluted, and I have that one.

  36. My other huge collection is sports cards, primarily Baseball and Football. It’s funny just like video games sports cards have been a part of my life since early childhood. My favorite are the vintage cards from 1950’s- early 80’s. I guess because most of my childhood collecting was 1988-1999. Got back into it a few years ago.

  37. Besides videogames, but still videogame related I collect amiibo figures, not all of them, because that would be insane. Yes let Kelsey know she's nuts. I made like smaller little collections, I have all the Zelda ones, Pokemon and Metroid. Besides those, I also buy the ones I like. Not so videogame related I have some anime figures, some funko pops and special edition videogame statues. I really like owning console variants and most of the time I try to go for the one I like the most of a specific system. I'm also in the process of having an HDMI option to play all of them, a highlight on those could be my transparent Super NT, A/V famicom with the HI Def Nes mod and my recently aquired GBA consolizer

  38. Besides video games I collect anime figures and merchandise.

  39. I love the new direction your taking your work ethic is expert

  40. Cooper, I'm not interested in pikmin myself, but your review of it was good. Outside of video game collecting, I collect anime, anime/ video game figures, and manga.

  41. Besides games, i collect retro jordans

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