Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT -

Strong Start to 2022 at Mom & Pop Game Store! + LADY TRIES TO SHOPLIFT

Double Jump Video Games
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Today we have a super weird lady try to shoplift, then when she gets caught, she starts saying she wasn’t going to steal the items, and babbles some nonsense. We swap the break room with the console storage area, and we add half of my Sega Saturn collection to the store’s inventory! Plus Cooper reveals some great end of the month statistics for Double Jump Video Games!

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Adam’s New Switch Game:(1:18)
Dowinx Sponsorship:(2:07)
Staff Picks:(2:59)
Trade Ins:(4:11)
Weird Customer Reenactment:(9:06)
New Break Room:(11:01)
Sega Saturn Collection:(13:22)
Sales Increase:(15:21)
Question of the Day / Outtro:(16:39)



  2. 9:12 easily the funniest thing i’ve seen all week. i don’t know how any of you didn’t laugh during that 😂

  3. Used to work retail, I know what that situation feels like. Even when you were literally just minding your own business

  4. Hi Abbey and Cooper I just wanted to thank you both so very much for shipping my order out so quickly I ordered a hoodie T-shirt from you on Sunday and I now that your closed on Tuesday and Wednesday so I wasn’t sure if it would get shipped out before Thursday and you shipped it out Monday and I deeply appreciated that. I’m also the person that suggested that only the long time subscribers get a higher chance to win in the giveaway and got Coopers thoughts and I just wanted to apologize for my opinion I just got the feeling that Copper was angry with my comment and i am deeply sorry. I absolutely love your videos and everyone at Double Jump Video Games me and my wife have enjoyed your videos for a few years and your videos have brought us so much enjoyment laughter smiles and entertaining and educational so we THANK EVERYONE AT DOUBLE JUMP VIDEO GAMES YOU ALL STAY SAFE AND GOD BLESS

  5. Just curious if you know the answer to this. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure Hello Kitty Kruisers used to be a really rare and expensive game. Do you know why it has dropped so much in price?

  6. I collect video games, dvds/bluerays, pokemon cards and football cards lol I jump around 1 year I'll do pokemon next video games ect… so I don't get burned out on 1

  7. Loved the weird customer reenactment. You got to di more 🙂

  8. Loving all the new editing so much. You guys are crushing it! Keep up the great work!

  9. I collect DVDs and Blu-Ray. Mainly cartoons and anime, but some live-action stuff every now and then too.

  10. I collect video games, retro or nostalgic toys that I grew up with and also foreign currency because U.S. currency is ugly. Foreign currency is a lot of times beautiful and interesting to me.


  12. i like that he put a towel to represent long hair and then his regular hair is longer than the towel.

  13. Great question me and the wife collect Guns and the wife collects shoes clothing and jewelry lol 😂 THANK YOU ALL GOD BLESS

  14. Woah. The Saturn collection surprised me coop. I didn't know it'd be that good.

  15. Other than video games, I collect blu rays…mostly steelbook and cool boxsets, like the marvel phase 1 briefcase and phase 2 orb boxset. Also like to collect marvel stuff…statues, poster, etc…guess I also collect arcade 1ups seeing as I'm at 7 arcades lol. Space is definitely becoming an issue. 😔. Great video guys, congrats on the store sales growing and also the YouTube channel as well. 🙂👍✌

  16. I collect statues from F4F and Prime 1. It's an expensive hobby and I do not recommend getting into it.

  17. I love to collect vintage wood fishing lures

  18. That chair looks comfy I like the new break room outside of video games I collect certain TV shows complete series recently picked up That 70s Show still on the hunt for Boy Meets World, The Wonder Years, Everybody loves Raymond

  19. Just a thought…but maybe the staff picks section should be obscure games instead of games everyone has heard of like pikmin and metal gear solid?

  20. i collect video games and bluray's and book

  21. Been a collector my entire life. Started with sports cards back in the early 90s. Still collecting sports cards, as well as CDs, Vinyl, Movies, and comic books. Didn't start collecting video games until 2018 though. My dad is a huge collector, so it's in my blood.

  22. You should hire evil ryan to work security…great pick today. Outside of games I collect architectural art

  23. crazy customers keep the day fresh n interesting lol

  24. Apart from video games, I collect gaming related funko, gaming related books/comics and (not gaming related) pocket watches and Blu-ray🤣

  25. i collect the new masters of the universe revelation action figures

  26. Answer of the Day;
    Besides (console) videogames I collect Amiibo(recently made the order for gold and silver mario with you guys 😛 ), PC bigboxes and old PCs and Macintoshes. I also collect Flesh and Blood trading card game.

  27. I really need to stop collecting stuff, besides vg I collect comics, manga, Blu Ray and fútbol(soccer) jerseys.
    Benefits of being single with no kids

  28. Great video. I collect video games, figures, and movies (different formats). Debating on getting into vinyl, but it's not a priority. My main focus is retro, but if I do buy modern then i'm very selective.

  29. I get those people all the time where I work

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