Super Mario Maker: Hop On Pop! - PART 130 - Game Grumps -

Super Mario Maker: Hop On Pop! – PART 130 – Game Grumps

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Hop on top and make me pop!
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  1. I feel Julian makes the best challenges, I played the boot challenge and it was amazing

  2. AAAAANNNNDDDD all the fangirls have concluded at Daddy moaning and saying I love you

  3. All diet and no chicken makes Arin a sad boy.

  4. The music notes he jumps on sound like Crank dat soulja boy

  5. listening to Arin talk about liquid shit-pissing… I love Game Grumps 😂

  6. does "Clood" also help you make a cloud into a square-shaped cloud?

  7. P I S S I N G O U T O F Y O U R A N U S

  8. Made the mistake of eating while watching this one…the "yellow ass" part came up and I was like "Welp!…."

  9. I had to stop eating when arin started talking about his urinating anus

  10. You go ahead and hop on pop, I'm going to the Ice Baseball game.

  11. Came back from the latest Majora's mask episode, anyone else?

  12. can someone make a clip of just the "hop on pop" section of this video

  13. whoever else is here from majoras mask episode, Hop on Pop starts at 6:15

  14. oh my God this was the FIRST time he pre'd? and concluded too??

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