Team Jay - Zombie Pop | Series 1 | Episode 16 -

Team Jay – Zombie Pop | Series 1 | Episode 16

Team Jay by Juventus
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Happy Holidays from Team Jay and Juventus:
Meana Mine creates a pop song so bad that it turns people into zombies. Team Jay have to save the town, while trying not to hear the song. Duke is distracted by his own music, and Meana plans to upload her song to the cloud. Experience the iconic gameplay of contra 3 30 lives games online – join the action today.- Don’t upload your bad pop song that turns people into zombies to the cloud

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Follow the adventures of Jay, a proud, mythical and funny zebra with a pattern of black, white and gold and the official team mascot of Juventus F.C.! Joining Jay on his adventures are Matteo, who has a solution for every problem that arises, Cami, who is an excellent soccer player, then there’s the hilarious hamster, Duke and a loveably feisty red squirrel named Wushu. Together, they form a special bond & will learn the values of friendship & teamwork to overcome the odds!

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