The BEST Fidget Toys for an Airplane ✈️ Mrs. Bench -

The BEST Fidget Toys for an Airplane ✈️ Mrs. Bench

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  1. Hey can you do a 5 hour trip because I’m going to Denver I love fidgets and your vid pls

  2. I was just on a plane and I only brought slime and a pop-it

  3. “The pop are SO loud!”
    Oh yes I’m totally gonna pop a huge and LOUD fidget toy on an airplane where people are sleeping and it’s a quiet place-

  4. Gime the popit game that looks so fun

  5. I'm going on vacation in two days I'm going to try to bring with the smallest pop ti I have

  6. Do me pls 🐵🐺🪱🐞🦞🦀🦧🍄🐚🍓🍉🍑

  7. Let’s just all appreciate how mrs bench is always so kind and supportive💙we love you💙

  8. ☕︎ 𝓢𝓸𝓶𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸𝓶𝓫𝓾𝓽𝓬𝓸𝓸𝓵☻︎ says:

    What’s the Pink pop it called?

  9. But isn’t ppl gonna get annoyed 😒 if you make loud noises with a pop it or pop tube especially a Karen 😂

  10. I have the fidgets dolls I got the one with a skirt

  11. All the comments are the exact same. And all I wanna know is where I can buy the clickey button one all you guys hate 😂

  12. The pops are so loud
    Mrs bench that’s not good for an air plane

  13. The doll that has a spinning backpack is so unlucky because if you spin it her lunch is gonna go all around😂

  14. I need these because my doctor told me I have these things called HDs which idk what they really are but I have 80 of them💀😂

  15. I wouldn't recommend the second fidget because it's so loud that people can hear it, instead I recommend a mochi because they're quiet,tiny and you can easily store it in your backpack ☺

  16. Not for a plane, great way to piss everyone off.

  17. Day 3 of asking to have a Stella show member in your video

  18. Can you do the best fidget toys for a train?😢

  19. I really really want the pop it thing one

  20. I don’t recommend pop it’s because it’s gonna annoy other people on the airplanes

  21. just be careful you might annoy some passengers

  22. Please tell me the name of the pop it thing

  23. Pls anyone pls tell me!What’s that popping game that the popping sounds are SO loud? I really want it, I went to Japan a few days ago and saw it, but I forgot to get it cuz I got distracted by the ice cream😭😭😭 pls anyone tell meee😭😭

  24. Her :The Pops Are So Loud people on the airplane: 😤

  25. Hi Mrs bench im just asking but where do you get your specks and how much are your specks 🙂

  26. Other good Fidgets you can bring:
    Normal Pop Its
    Fidget Cube
    Infinity Cube
    Pop It Keychain
    Zip It Bracelet
    Monkey Noodle

  27. I never GET PITED AGHHHHHHhH🫵🏼🫵🏼😾
    Pin me plzzzz 🫵🏼😾

  28. Atleast pre-record your voice at home like that’s just a bit awkward y’ know?

  29. You really think the ones like the pop its and the fidget dolls are good for going on a plane? Unless your actually trying to annoy people then yea their perfect

  30. Her: POP POP POP
    PPL: you know the plane or what 😅

    Please like

  31. I feel like the first one would just frustrate me , coz like I can’t take them apart , lol😅

  32. I just bought 2 Fashion fidgets and I got Dapper Dale and Colourful Clara

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