The BEST Fidget Toys for Classrooms!!! 📚 -

The BEST Fidget Toys for Classrooms!!! 📚

Mrs. Bench
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  1. When i sew the do balls it reminds me of my friend who was always there for me because at the end of the school years she gave it to me and i still have it 😢

  2. I used to chew off the erasers on pencils and then chew it like it was gum and once I finished that I would chew the metal part till was flat.

  3. y'all aren't allowed to play with fidgets in your classes?

  4. Never let us bring nothing for class she'll be showing us with pencils

  5. Um the thing one the pens & pencils there like my che toys

  6. Bro my teacher just banned fidgets and any “toys” from our class room

  7. I'm pretty sure half of my class I got the fidgets in the bags but we're only a lot to play with them only if they're quiet one

  8. My teacher banned us from fidgets😢PERMANENTLY

  9. My teacher lets us have stuff as long as it’s not disturbing other people or distracting us to much :]

  10. One time I brought a acupressure ring and some kid asked if it was mine so I said ya cuz it was mine and he was like “oh well I found it in the hallway” then he never gave it back 💀

  11. My teachers know i have ADHD but im still not aloud to have the QUIETEST fidgets. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM
    Someone put expired milk in their brain and the milk consumed the brain and theire is just milk now.

  12. I always chew on pens I need one of those pen toppers 😂

  13. Omg I thought this was the tiktok voice lol

  14. I can only play with fidgets in English because one of my English teachers are nice and when I’m not in English I doodle in my books which I get in trouble for so I might get one of the pressure ring thingy and chewable pen/pencil topper thank you so much for the ideas 😊

  15. indian schools be like:
    "so u have chosen death"

  16. One time I was doing school work and I was chewing on my pen and then ink shot into my mouth

  17. Bro acupressure rings taste and smell so bad

  18. tangles are also some really good and quiet fidget toys

  19. Need those topers eat my pencil all the time

  20. My friend Evelyn needs the last one
    She chews her pencils ✏️ way too much

  21. I just use a rubberband when I'm in class

  22. The thing is, kids confuse fidget toys because of their name. Fidget toys and end getting distracted because of them. Which goes against the original purpose of the fidget toy, which is to focus.

    I've found it's best to get a few different kinds of fidget toys and use them for a few days and see how you react. They have to be unobtrusive, let your hands do something, and let you focus on what you're doing. If you get distracted by the toy, it's a bad fidget toy

  23. Please send me a picture that is allowed in school and that is quiet thank you❤Mrs. Bench

  24. Oh wait i forgot don't send me one i really not allowed to use one at school😢

  25. The fidget tou could be invisible and the teache would still confiscate it

  26. Guys stop saying all that nonsense this is for people with disabilities such as ADHD autism and so on

  27. Plot twist: we’re not allowed to bring toys to the class

  28. not a want, A NEED
    btw what was that spiky one with the loops?

  29. Ya wanna know the best fidgets for the class none
    Just pay attention

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