The kid's got POP! Anthony Volpe BLASTS a late game homer the other way for the Yankees! -

The kid’s got POP! Anthony Volpe BLASTS a late game homer the other way for the Yankees!

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Watch Anthony Volpe hit a late game big fly for the Yankees!

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  1. Tampa Bay better than the Yankees. If it was Tampa vs Yankees, Tampa would've sweep the Yankees in 3 straight games.

  2. Having Judge right after him is pretty unsettling

  3. Porque la sangre tiene un pelotero que las pasé a cada rato eso es lo que quería

  4. Volpe and Peraza are the future of the Yankees.

  5. it’s only april. kid’s got plenty of time to show what else he’s got. but for now what a clutch HR!

  6. That is not a home run in a normal stadium😂

  7. His progression so far in the majors is similar to his progression in AA, started off super slow but kept slowly improving until he was dominating for Somerset

  8. That's insane that ball made it out lol esp how the wind was pushing balls back in leftfield.

  9. Warms my heart. Peraza was the runner on base too love to see the kids winning

  10. Love to see it! I wasn't expecting much offense from him his first year, just glad to have solid defense at short stop, but he's already developing really well offensively. Get it Volpe!

  11. So much pop wow. That was a moon shot. Greatest player to ever exist in this sport.

  12. I liked that he started running right after contact and did not sit there and just assume it was leaving the park…like some 3rd baseman on the IL frequently did.

  13. Yanks are still losing. If we only had pitchers…oh wait we spent that on Judge who will send us nowhere.

  14. He is batting under .200 but cool he can reach the short porch.

  15. All this excitement just to get smoked by the Astros again in the playoffs

  16. He not Derek Jeter !! Please stop comparing him to him !!!!

  17. Looks like the Yankees have another homegrown star in the making with Anthony Volpe. This kid can play he’s a solid shortstop something the Yankees have needed for awhile and he’s a good hitter too and patient at the plate.

  18. Just what the Yankees need….young, hungry, energetic talent that wants to work and have fun!

  19. Doesn’t his swing look like Jose altuve? The finish is different two vs one handed but the turn and swing look the same

  20. RF at Yankee Stadium — Wow that must have been what, a whole 300 feet? 😅

  21. That dugout shot at end is priceless 😮‍💨

  22. Why are they hyping this guy up so much? He's 13 for 65. I'm sensing yet another overhyped Yankees prospect like Gary Sanchez, Gleyber Torres, and Miguel Andujar.

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