The Pop Game: Ashlund's Finale Performance (Episode 10) | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: Ashlund’s Finale Performance (Episode 10) | Lifetime

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Watch Ashlund’s performance from the Season 1 finale of “The Pop Game”. #ThePopGame

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The Pop Game
Season 1
Episode 10

“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. Ashlund was 13-14 during this show. The producers gave her make up to look older. Her cover I'm a Mess when she was 16 was AMAZING. One of the best I've seen!!! She improved with age and experience and I am so sad she doesnt make music anymore. Because she is so good

  2. Ashlund can't sing,i dont know why people think she can

  3. Omgggggg this was so bad and cringe worthy😭😬

  4. Horrible omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 just stop it

  5. notice she didn't have as much crowd buzz as everyone else

  6. Her momma need to stop hyping her up in the crowd

  7. CraveTay wasn't lying when she said Ashlund was ready to drop that mic and start dancing. 😭 Ashlund is a pretty little thang but she sounds so dry and flat kind of like her audition when she sung the Britney Spears song. Issa no for me.

    Simon Cowell voice

  8. I've barely watched this show but from what I've seen personality, and performance wise this girl has it. Everyone's vocals need work but she did pretty well.

  9. she sounds nothing like she did in the trailer

  10. Eww she looks like sge got a eating disorder she is too skinny and no figure

  11. She just really doesn't have the right stage presence at all… her facial expressions, the way she moves to the music, barely connecting with fans, all of it is just so horribly done.

  12. I like it but her voice is not that good

  13. Not your best girl it's the worst cringe

  14. Cravetay was so right when she said ashlund was ready to drop that mic 🎤 down and start her dancing

  15. Ashlund can't sing but I think she could rap

  16. Her voice range is very limited. She has great stage presence though.

  17. Anna's Thoughts and Musical Parodies says:

    She has awesome stage presence and she's pretty, but the voice is definitely lacking sadly enough 😔

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