The Pop Game: Episode 6 Performances | Fridays 11/10c | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: Episode 6 Performances | Fridays 11/10c | Lifetime

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Watch the artists’ performances from Episode 6, “Song & Dance.” #ThePopGame

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“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. ian and grant is good👍👍👍👍

  2. just make girl groups and boy groups. that way no talent would be wasted.

  3. team Madison….crave tay voice is wack it sounds like a cracking owl like you can't sing so stop making fun of Madison like you can do any better

  4. todos cantão muito mais vc é maravilhosa canta muito

  5. Hello my name is sofia and I want to enter there are no auditions to enter

  6. Cravetay never had a chance😂 honestly one of the rudest people on Reality Tv and not trying to sound rude but not super talented. All of her fans are saying they "like her energy" lol would never talk to my mom with her "energy". 😂

  7. Quien se dio cuenta que ne el video de mattybrpas – gone participa ashunld

  8. Dá até enjôo de tanto que essa garota Cravetey se acha,nem um pouco humilde,se ñ fosse esse posso de nojo,personalidade também faz o artista!

  9. aja; y porque cortaron una parte del baile de cravetay?

  10. Ian is perfect. ❤️😻💜 His voice is amazing and he is good at dancing 😍❤️😘

  11. Does anyone know the name of the song, Ian sing and dances in episode 6?

  12. Hey Timbaland I was wondering if I can be on the pop game.

  13. this is a horrible remake of the rap game. none of y’all can sing

  14. Cravetay my girl I love her music she the reason I'm watching this show

  15. Cravetay nunca porque ela só se acha que meu deus

  16. O yh I remember dreaming about this but I've never watched the show but I know about it.

  17. My favorite r madysyn and ashely BC they both r slay

  18. But crave Tay is pretty but I dont like her attitude and yea

  19. Quien en más lo está viendo en 2019?

  20. Cravetay needs to calm down her attitude
    Madysyn needs to loosen up or else she won’t get far
    Grant is just so…awkward and he needs to stop being so weird😂
    Ashlund can’t sing point blank she just can’t
    Ian just needs to get comfortable and he needs to look up a bit more instead of just at the floor but so far he’s my favorite

  21. I don't really think Ashlund did that well, her song was kind of stereotypical and she has this really annoying thing she does at the end of every bar, where she says "uh" or let's out a puff of air after instead of sucking in breath before the next, her singing would improve so much more if she did that instead of adding that extra vowel after everything.

  22. Some of their songs reminds me of the type of music the band at my church plays

  23. Ashlyund….I’m sorry I don’t really like her voice, on the show she comes off as a bit cocky or self centered.

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