The Pop Game: Finale Performances (Episode 10) | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: Finale Performances (Episode 10) | Lifetime

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Watch all the performances from the Season 1 finale of “The Pop Game”. #ThePopGame

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The Pop Game
Season 1
Episode 10

“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. Y'all need to stop saying that who ever won. Got picked for a reason

  2. Not too happy about Ian winning, he always seemed obnoxious and self centered not really wiling to accept constructive criticism.. really hated him when he kept saying he was a song writer and he didn't like the song assigned to him.. he needs to be more humbled

  3. too bad cravetay is cultural appropiating that outfit

  4. All of them are amazing artists, they all deserve it, the grew a lot on the program they have an amazing voice

  5. Cravetay need ro go sit down somewhere trying to be cute on stage with all that horse hair on ger hair sounding like a owl

  6. I don't like Cravetay's personality, the other kid is good but he looks like Justin Bieber, I like Ashlund's song, I didn't like Madisyn's song but I like her personality and voice and I thought Ian was going to win and he deserves it.

  7. I am so glad Ian won. He really deserved it. If it wasn't him then i would've wanted Madison. He is so passionate and not once has he caused any drama or talked trash about anybody. And he has the best vocals out of everybody. They can work with him to make a pop song. But i dont think it will be difficult. Go Ian!

  8. Grant is a star 😍Congratulations Ian☺

  9. Omg! Ian has always been the best in this show. I loved his final song I kept replaying it over and over. I'm so glad he won.❤❤❤❤❤

  10. i liked ian from first audition i seen his fire power like some of the other chiks literaly couldnt sing

  11. Tbh I feel like Ian and Graint had the best voices

  12. Ian 😍😍 Also Madysyn, great upgrade girl

  13. But if I’m being honest Ian deserved the win his voice was one of the best in my opinion and he was unique👌😆and that’s what the music world needs 🎶🎵🎵🎵🎶

  14. I think Ian, Grant and Cravetay had the best songs 🙂!

  15. Cravetay has a fake vibe to her. My favs are Ian, Ashlund, and Madyson. Grant to me is ok, kind of like a Shawn Mendes vibe. I think he’s kinda shy onstage but he still has a great voice.

  16. Can anyone please tell me what the name of the song is the second girl sang? Please! The one about being to hard to handle

  17. Arrogante y muy mal educada das pena tanto tu como tu madre

  18. No dicen quien gano es una mierda ablan en ingles

  19. Crave Tay pretty and nice and slay and on fleek but she also mean and she got a mean attitude and plus people don't like her and her mom BC they both r mean

  20. Madysyn was the best tbh. Her attitude and performance was fun. Cravetay mom had that hater look on her face.

  21. Congrats to Ian he deserve it👏👏👏👏🙌🙌

  22. if this show was all about talen then why was ashlund in it in the first place??

  23. Cuál es el nombre de las canciones que cantan?

  24. I think Ian was really good but the rest that’s another story I think their are better singers in YouTube. Than them , they just sound so off pitch and their voice kind of cracks here and their don’t get me wrong I love singers with a crack in their voice but not these . They try to go high with their notes but doesn’t work out.

  25. Ashlund can’t sing i’m not sorry for saying this but if she ever tried to lay down a track in my studio..she wouldn’t be allowed near the microphone

  26. Ashludn can't sing in her music video it was autouned and this proves it .

  27. Madysyn was robbed from that season idc, she deserved that win 🤧

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