The Pop Game: Girls vs. Boys (Season 1, Episode 7) | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: Girls vs. Boys (Season 1, Episode 7) | Lifetime

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Watch the boys and the girls face each other in the challenge from Episode 7, “Divide & Conquer”. #ThePopGame

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The Pop Game
Season 1
Episode 7
Divide & Conquer

“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. Is there every going to be a dance game? I'll sign up for that!

  2. Everybody stay on cravetay vocals but ashlund over here sounding like kids bop

  3. I think madysyn is the best out of th girls

  4. honestly I like cravetay I just think she need work on her attitude

  5. Timberland don't no how to judge like how you say a lot things Grant lack but still give him a place on chart?? Really you not judging right you just trying to spare people feelings … Timberland Bro.. step your game up

  6. lmao how was ashlund on the charts and cravetay wasn't?? ashlund's voice is horrible.

  7. Nobody on this show can really sing I know so many youtubers who sing who should of been on here

  8. Cravetay is Jealous she didnt get an award in the girls group,she said the other girls were better only because of her.Her Mom sais the same,did they get paid to act that way or are they really thinking they are just all that? You can tell they are Mother Daughter.Madyson is all that,just check her vids on the tube.

  9. I felt so bad for ian, that he forgot his lyrics.

  10. tbh the boys did better the girls pitch needs to be worked on

  11. All y'all on here criticizing these people like really…hating cuz u kno they rocking
    I don't kno what's worst the rap game the pop game or bring it commentators 😏😏😒😑😐

  12. Can Anyone who watched last night's episode tell me who was on the charts. My DVR cut off.

  13. Ashlund sounds like kids bop and cavtavy sounds so good

  14. Ashland sounds like kids bop went to a circus and then fell of a horse and is cravetay barefoot

  15. you know in my opinion I think madyson sounds the best here! tbh

  16. I really wanna watch this show I really do… but nobody on here has good vocals

  17. Madyson has a Mariah carey voice she is humble. Good singing.
    Crave Tay is horrible can't sing and needs to get over herself. She cheats, lies to get ahead her and her mother are way to defensive. They don't take constructive criticism very well. Are always on defense. They need to back out now no hope for these . Professional's know what there doing. You crave Tay are barely starting to crawl if that and you think you know more than everyone around you that is trying to coach you. Crave Tay has pitchy voice go home and work on it

  18. If it was just Tay and Mady that would've been so much better. Ashlund sound like a dying cat, you know I'm telling the truth

  19. My own opinion, I think all the contestants have so much talent Timbaland should take them all under his company and develop them all! It's unusual to find 5 talents all at the same time. Hope Timbaland snatches them all up! They all deserve to stay in the entertainment business.

  20. Cravetay voice is not strong she did not fit in the group when they performed

  21. No me gusta la morena es muy pesada

  22. Cravetay I'll snach that lether wigg. Off you

  23. I think Grant is cute. He looks like Justin Bieber. And I don't even like Justin Bieber

  24. When this released I thought they were the best singers alive and muy jealous lol but now I notice they aren't as good lol

  25. These kids need vocal coaching cuz it seems like they need it Iaan is fine but the rest need help

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