The Pop Game: "Hurricane" Music Video | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: “Hurricane” Music Video | Lifetime

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Watch the kids’ music video for the song “Hurricane” from Episode 8, “Music Video Madness”. #ThePopGame

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The Pop Game
Season 1
Episode 8
Music Video Madness

“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. Madysyn's voice would've been so much better for the bridge ;-;

  2. they should've all had their own individual music video and version of this song. then Timbo should've compared them for a challenge instead of putting their voices all together

  3. The song sounds good until cravetay started to sing

  4. Grant 😋😘 ian 😜😜😗 cravtey 😲😲😲😒. Madisyn 😳😳😳. Aushen 😘🙆👱👑

  5. Omg grant literally had the same expression the whole video

  6. Crave tay and ian the only ones that can really sing

  7. They all sound so terrible. This is just cringey.

  8. This is why they didn't have a another season trash

  9. Yeah this show was rigged…
    They need to stop picking kids based off their pre-existing fanbase cuz this was unfair. How could you put a person like Ian against this other basics. All of them were very average if not bad compared to Ian. They need to make the show like the voice or something and give some unknowns with real talent a change.

  10. This show is horrible, they all can’t sing….

  11. Ian was the only one that sounded okay

  12. Ian and cravetay were the only ones that did good

  13. who here watches the series……… i do and i HATE Cravetay.

  14. to be honest and not be rude I really don't like crave tay

  15. When I watched this on tv I likes it but now I noticed this is low-key horrible

  16. Cravetay and Ian did it…… who's with me ….??

  17. Y do I ship Grant and Madyson srry if I spelled her name wrong

  18. watched this 2 years ago and thought it was the best thing in the world lmaoooo i was so wrong

  19. Am I’m the only one who enjoy Ashlund voice 💛

  20. who remembers this show? why isn't it on the lifetime app??????

  21. Ian and cravetay they r good but they need to sing louder like everyone else sucks they can't sing sorry not sorry .

  22. i don’t how i watched this when i was younger this is trash like where tf did timbaland find them!😭😭

  23. Y’all this looks terrible not one of them can sing Ian sounds like he’s constipated

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