The Pop Game: Madysyn's Episode 2 Performance | Lifetime -

The Pop Game: Madysyn’s Episode 2 Performance | Lifetime

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Watch Madysyn’s full studio performance for Timbaland from Episode 2, “You’re In My House Now”. #ThePopGame

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The Pop Game
Season 1
Episode 2
You’re In My House Now

“The Pop Game” follows music industry icon Timbaland as he works with five aspiring young vocal artists and their manager parents in challenges designed to teach and test the skills they’ll need to make it on the charts – and on the world’s biggest stages.

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  1. I'm in love with this song and her voice😍💞❤ I hope she wins!! she is so beautiful and has a beautiful voice💞

  2. This song Give me LIFEEEEE🔥🔥🔥🔥 OMGG… and her Voice 😍😍😍😍😚😚❤❤💕💔💓💖 She's a Pop Star

  3. love this song this will be a hit Maddy! I know I'll have it on have a strong amazing voice go beyond your limits you'll be great

  4. low-key has the best voice in the house

  5. Look she have a nice voice but she can't say she wants to be the next Ariana when she can barley live up to her standards especially Ariana vocals just saying

  6. I like all the kids, they are very talented but I think the winner at the end of this season is going to be cravetay because judging doesn't seem fair so far. Timbaland favors cravetay it's all in the facial expressions he makes.

  7. Super dope thank you for the inspiration keep it up I need you to win this girl!!

  8. She's not the next Ariana she the next big thing she's Madysyn Rose a ★

  9. I sing this song word for word around my house

  10. Madyson you have a really good voice but you just need confidence your amazing

  11. they are all so quiet. and kind of nervous looking, except for cravetay. she is great, but I still think I would be the best on the show.

  12. she sounded… quite different from the trailer :/

  13. I was laughing when Perez said "Vanilla not rememberable" 😂omg

  14. She is very beautiful and has the best voice in the house hands down. She definitely should have won…these shows usually never get it right.

  15. she could have easily won this if she had more faith and confidence in herself. she has a great voice!

  16. I loved her! She was so sweet with a beautiful voice!

  17. Que bonito cantas😍😍

  18. Is my imagination or she really look like brianna maphis

  19. Is it me or does she look like coco quinn doubleganger just older

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